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URL and stuff...

My question concerns website URLs. Although I'm not half bad at HTML, this part of running a website utterly mystifies me.

First, some background information:

My website,, is hosted on, mostly because it was free and easy. When I initially registered my domain name (My registrar is, if it matters), I had it point to However, as soon as you typed in, all it did was a simple redirect to the site. "" no longer appeared in the navigation bar. So, to solve this problem, I turned on URL cloaking. This kept in the navigation bar, but isn't really what I wanted.

What I'm trying to do is to be like the big sites, like All their pages are listed as a subdirectory of their domain name, for example "faq.php" is in a subdirectory of

How do I do this, and, more importantly, can I do this whilst hosted on FriHost?

I would really appreciate even the most meager of input. Sorry if the question is a little confusing. Thanks!
What you need to do is point the name servers of your domain to frihost, this is the technology that allows the directories on the domain to represent those corresponding on the server.

Yes, this is supported by frihost. All you have to do is log in to the control panel wherever you bought your domain, look for the area that allows you to configure the name servers, and enter and If this is the domain an account creator used to create your host, you should be all set, but if you were created with a subdomain you must add the domain you would like to use as a parked domain.

Any more questions, don't be afraid to ask Smile
the faq.php is in the root dir itself i guess , it is not a subdir

but i am thinking ur not using dns

u have a subdomain hosting somewhere and ur trying to redirect ur domain , Rolling Eyes
if thats the problem then u can addon domain , and add that new domain of urs , \

Damn i am still confused about ur problem , lets start again

u have hosting at, (now i am thinking it is a subdomain hosting )
2:cuz u had it point to
3: now i am thinking u made a folder pathgreat in ur root dir ,which is
4: thats why u getting the url in the navigation of
5:but then u clocked the url
6: u still not happy Confused

if this is correct ,then make a addon domain ,for pathgreat , that will creat a subdir for u , u can use the name servers of and point the dns of pathgreat to them , this will hopefully solve ur problem ,

damn i suck so much Razz
Thanks! I think I got it. You guys rock.
just sharing what i learnt from others, i hope u will do the same Laughing
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