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The New NHL

Ludo Lambrechts
Hey everyone I'm a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan. As you all know we had a lockout two seasons ago, and then the NHL came back with a ton of rule changes. How do you feel about the rule changes?

Here's my opinions.

The speed of the game is incredible, skating wins games now, and the 2 line pass rule abolishment has really created some nice breakaways. The goals are pretty, but I feel sorry for the goalies. They are getting run into and injuries where up. Legendary goalies like Ed Belfour are also retiring in poor fashion due to the smaller pads.

The salary cap is what I really dislike. I think there should be some revenue sharing, but big teams like the Leafs, Red Wings, and Rangers should be getting somewhat of a reward for attracting fans to their stadiums.

Also bring back fighting, this is what the fans like to see. It can change the course of a game. I miss the bench brawls of the 60's Sad .

What do you guys think?

Ludo Cool
Fighting is a necessary part of the game. The tree huggers don't like it because it's.. well.. fighting. However, consider this.

In the 60s you talk about, even if the rules allowed for someone to run the goalie would anyone think this is a good idea. I say no because the players know that if they run the opposing goalie the opposing goon would step out and mop the floor with him.

Reducing and taking out fighting has lead to more stick action, body checks from behind and the mentioned goal running. BRING IT BACK!

I like the pace of the new NHL and watched the Stanley Cup final for the first time in a long time this year. I couldn't stand that trap business.

The salary cap is good. These guys make plenty of money. If the cap was around years ago we may still have teams in Winnipeg and Quebec.
Shootouts are the way forward! If they only featured them more often, the game could attract a whole new audience. And clips from the shootout can be shown on Sports News segments in their entirety.
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