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This Day in Scottish History - 2nd September

This is today's historical event.

1915 - Death of James Kier Hardie (Scottish Socialist and Labour Leader)

After forming the Scottish Labour Party, Kier Hardie founded some political newspapers such as ‘The Miner’ in 1887 and ‘The Labour Leader’ in 1888. In 1892 he became an MP (for West Ham South in London) turning up to Westminster in tweeds and a cloth hat instead of the traditional day suit

By 1900 he had formed the Independent Labour Party, lost his West Ham seat, been returned to parliament from Merthyr Tydfil and saw progress in his aim to increase the number of trades unions representation in parliament. By 1906, 29 trade unionist candidates had been elected - the beginnings of the modern Labour Party

James Kier Hardie continually worked for better conditions for the ordinary people and was devastated that the worldwide socialist movement could not prevent World War I. More than anyone, however, he is remembered as the man who created the labour movement that we know today. He died on this day in 1915.
This is really interesting, but is this the right forum to post it?

Anyway I enjoyed reading it.
Paul, I couldnt find anywhere else to post it within FRIH
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