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Best place for domain registration?

Hi, can anyone recommend a good place to register a domain name?? I'm pretty new to website design etc so any help is appreciated.

I always recommand . It's maybe not the cheapest, but it's cheap and I rarely (if ever) hear problems about it.
I have bought two domains from India Internets
vivaprint is the the best u can get[/url]
hey friends iam very much interested in creating a website for myself but i dont know what to do,where to do & how to do?I would prefer small names for my website address and not a very long one.Can anyone tell me where can i do this?..............
hostingguy is also a good one
Bluebox is good but it does Cost 6.95 Monthly
Although it says it comes with premade login forms ect
I've always used yahoo domains, simply because they're cheap and I've never had any problems with them.

nivinjoy: I haven't yet found any place that offers a list of remaining domain names, as such it is often best to register a name that consists of small words, especially words that have to do with your site. I don't really recommend it, but you can use leet (search wikipedia) to get a short name if shortness is your most important factor. Also make sure to get a .com if possible, it is always easier for someone remember a .com then having to remember youname.somethingelse... not to mention that anyone who does forget you not a .com will end up giving your business to the .com version...

Edit: just found in another thread:
Give thanks to: reddawn

Hope that helps!
I've always used

Their prices aren't bad for a simple plan, just don't host with them... use a re-direct or change the name servers. Not sure how good they are for others though, that's the problem Confused
I would suggest GoDaddy. You can register your domain at $8.95 a year. As far as I know, that's the best price I've seen in the domain registration market. Check this page too.
you can gain a cheap DN at or
i would suggest for indonesian webmasters to rent domains. it's not cheap but it has great service. they stay on business even they get an earthquake.
I have got some friend that got their domain by and have nothing do say. Because is very cheap, and also very good!!!
Do not use optinom. Actually that's a bit unfair, it's not as though I've had a problem with them, it's just DNS service is extra. I use EveryDNS to make up for it which isn't too much of a hassle.
i just bought a domain name today from i felt they are the cheapest.
I haven't used it yet but, I would recommend because many useful sites I visit daily, use this host. It seems very cheap and offers a lot.
the best place for domain registration is is used by most of the can also try! is another option .

abhi Twisted Evil
for me the best is:
I agree with Edas, vivaprint and others, GoDaddy is the best place to register domains in my humble opinion. I wish their management site was a little faster, but its not terribly slow.
Bondings wrote:
I always recommand . It's maybe not the cheapest, but it's cheap and I rarely (if ever) hear problems about it.

What are the problems that may the customer face with these sites .?

If they stop for any reason , what will happen to the domain names which were registered there ?

Thank you
guys sorry OOT, but what does ICANN certified mean ?
Bondings wrote:
I always recommand . It's maybe not the cheapest, but it's cheap and I rarely (if ever) hear problems about it.

I have bought two domain names since now. One on and the another one on . Both domain registrars are great and offer you very good support so you can't miss by choosing one of them. However, I like godaddy's user interface more than one's in namecheap so I will probably buy my third domain name on
i have used godaddy in the past /w no issues...

as for namecheap i will have to try them out!
GoDaddy is the best one around. I never tried namecheap, but it seems to be good. They even accept registrations from people with unverified paypal accounts.
I recommend NAMECHEAP as well. You can get .info domain for $4. Nice offer.
There are certain companies that provide free .info along with the .com that you purchase. Go daddy had it sometime ago. You can check if its still valid.
Ucbet wrote:
guys sorry OOT, but what does ICANN certified mean ?

ICANN which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a nonprofit private organization that was created to oversee a number of Internet-related tasks previously performed directly on behalf of the U.S. government by other organizations, notably the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which ICANN now operates.

To be certified by ICANN a registrar has to undergo a series of accreditation and agreement to the 2009 RAA that indicates that the registrar has signed the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, which provides enhanced protections for registrants and an increased level of accountability for registrars.

To find out more about the agreement and obligations of these registrars who are ICANN certified, you can visit
for more information. Smile
It would appear that Godaddy is the prefered choice amongst the poster's here. I think I'll give them a try.

I recommend namecheap, but never GoDaddy!
I never had issues with goDaddy. I do not like their attitude on SOPA, ACTA and etc but I m always fine iwth their service
GoDaddy are my first choice, cheaper and with greater control than every UK host I've tried.
DNS changes have always propagated much faster as well, so even though PRISM and the US authorities could be all over what I do online, I don't do anything naughty so it's financially worth the risk of hosting in a surveillance state such as US.
I registered a few domains using an aging GoDaddy gift card a few days ago, and got the usual barrage of phone calls from GoDaddy’s sales department, allegedly “welcoming me to the GoDaddy family” and by-the-way letting me know they have ad-on products I might be interested in

This website alleges that GoDaddy sends customers spam phone calls. The search query "GoDaddy telemarketing" comes up with similar complaints as well. Does anyone have good experiences with this company?

I think that NameCheap is good as I do not see any complaints on Google because of spam. The prices are also compared to GoDaddy.
vivaprint wrote: is the the best u can get[/url]

I don't understand - why GoDaddy is the best?
Maybe they offer cheap prices? - no.
Maybe they offer better service comparing to competitors? - again no.
Maybe they offer good web hosting as a gift to domain name? - no. And web hosting from GoDaddy is frankly bad one Exclamation
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