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Indonesia's Folly

A nuclear expert from Semarang-based Diponegoro University, Muhammad Nur, said that although nuclear power was not a totally safe technology, Indonesian experts were ready to deal with the risks.

"We don't have enough expertise to develop solar, hydro or wind power plants. But a nuclear power plant is something that has been waited for since the Soeharto era," he said.

Muhammad also said that the decision to establish the reactors was a long-term result of the country's extravagant use of power.

"We cannot change our wasteful energy lifestyle, so this is the risk we have to take," Muhammad said.

From the Jakarta Post 22 August 2006

Wow, we're to dumb to build a windmill so we'll build a nuclear reactor instead. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Can you believe anyone could be so stupid ?


Anxious to find an alternative energy source to replace oil and gas, the government has dusted off a plan to build a US$4.8 billion nuclear power plant in Central Java, a project that had stalled for more than a decade.

As part of the effort, the government is planning a national campaign to promote the energy source, which has won political support from the House of the Representatives.

The administration claims it is technically ready to roll out the plan. Several studies conducted by the National Nuclear Power Agency and several interested foreign companies from Japan and South Korea have concluded that Gunung Muria, Central Java, would be a strategically desirable site for the power plant.

Man, they can't even build an efficient busway or maintain the road system. God help us if Indonesia gets nuclear technology.

The same administration who can't stop the hot mud which is pouring out and burying a town and the main highway due to the latest Indonesian technical stuff up at a gas well. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
I would be a bit worried about seismic activity in Java.
nopaniers wrote:
I would be a bit worried about seismic activity in Java.

So am i, indonesia's having a very active geological activities nowadays. And that would be more disastrous. We cant have another chernobyl.
I first posted this a year ago and here is a headline from the Jakarta Post this week.

Six injured in nuclear agency laboratory blast

JAKARTA (JP): Six people were injured Monday in a blast inside the Nuclear Power Agency (Batan) laboratory in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten.

Metro TV station reported that the explosion, which occurred at 3:30 p.m., stemmed from a failed test of a leading research device.

The injured were rushed to the Fatmawati Hospital in South Jakarta. (***)

Scary stuff, but at least they haven't got a reactor yet.
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