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Boring Classes

I've been staying six years in college in a young university here in Central Phillipines and for all i knew, some if not most of my classes are boring. Maybe, it's just me, the self-righteous, self-proclaimed and highly-confident idiot. I really don't know what's happening here, but its time i get into the class, i feel like the teacher is not so convincing. I dont mean all of them, of course there are those who entertains and challenges me, but mostly, all i can say is boring. Maybe it's also from the fact that there are some things in Information Technology that i learned and my teachers do not. Just for example, I already created a web-based database application using PHP and MySQl but still some of my teachers does not even know what MySQL is or how such application is done. When i'll graduate (of which am not sure when), i'm sure my resume will not be very entertaining or very attracive, but i just hope that employers will not base the resume, but rather on the skills.
Just keep a good portfolio of work and it shouldn't be a problem. If you can show them what you can do then there should be no problem. Anyways, good luck Wink
You will find in the working world, it's not too much about your skills. It's more about how well you can BS. I wish college would offer a class on how to BS and BS-ing well.
a college is not a plance, where you could learn the knowledge, but where you learn how to learn the knowledge.

i am doing an internship now in a firm. According to my experience now and the former internship experiences, what you will be assigned to do is most irrelevant to what you have already learned in school or in college. Thus, the task for everyone is to start up the new job quickly.

it could be surely better that you applied your knowledge from education into the real work. but most of the time, the job needs your creativity, but not memory.

I think your problem is not the talking of the professors or the class teachers, nor is it with the content of the courses. Instead, maybe you have not found your interests. A good suggestion could be for you, that you attend more activities on the campus and try to figure out what suits you best. Then you will have the inspiration to do/ learn it better.

Life is colorful for everyone and only once. So don't miss your chance. ^^
Perhaps you could do with a slight change in perspective. I am a lecturer in communication skills, and it has become increasingly apparent that the focus in our modern study environment is all wrong. Consider this:

The modern tertiary institution, or university, as we have come to know it caters for thousands of students. This is quite the opposite of the apprenticeship model that higher learning was a few hundred years ago. It is yet another case of mass production. I find that students who are chronically bored are also those who are really only interested in the degree, not the knowledge. Otherwise, why would someone stay in a course they hate? In contrast, those students who are knowledge hungry, are the ones who are less bored, simply because they enter a lecture expecting knowledge, not entertainment.

My advice to you is to try and learn as much new things as possible. If that cannot be, then perhaps a new course?
As to the remark that life is all about BS... I dont think it is entirely true. There is a significant amount of BS involved, yes, but again, it is about perspective. If life is all about BS, then you must not get a whole lot of personal satisfaction from it. What about your accomplishments in life? Do you have any? Are they BS too? Remember BS may get you to the top, but it won't keep you there or make you happy.
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