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Installing Linux Knoppix

I want to get Linux Knoppix, but I want to keep my PhotShop and MAcromedia and stuff. Can I have access to Knoppix AND Windows?
Although not both at the same time.

It's called dual booting, when you boot up you can choose if you want linux or if you want windows.

The two options are lilo and Grub. I would suggest grub. There are plenty of resources about using this to dual boot on the knoppix site.

Hope you get it working. Smile
Ok thanks for telling me that. That helped me a lot.
I use knoppix and windows... sorta at the same time..ish

i use knoppix 5.0 HDD install, and WindowsXp dual booted w/ GRUB bootloader.. this is a standart setup for dualbooting.. u can also use another loader called LILO.

these are some things to consider.. knoppix can READONLY ntfs drives (eg. WindowsXp or newer windows) but can READ/WRITE Fat32 partitions. Windows on the other hand CANNOT read or write Ext2/3/reiser (eg. Linux) partitions... it doesnt know they exist, which is a GOOD thing in my opinion. so what i did was i created a small 10Gb partition of Fat32. that way BOTH OS's can read and write to it, therefore i can share files from one OS to the next. Linux can access all of windows main components and can read the files (eg. use the files ) , but cannot write to the drive itself.. so your best bet would be to create a small partition of Fat32 and set Read/Write permissions to it from both OS's and that way you can share stuff, and in LINUX you can use All of windowsXp's files. or you can look into Samba Servers and see if you would like to go the more extreme route to filesharing through your router.
Teragonto wrote:
I want to get Linux Knoppix, but I want to keep my PhotShop and MAcromedia and stuff. Can I have access to Knoppix AND Windows?

As the other guys stated above you can install both Windows and any linux distro into the same machine.

With regrads to your other concern regarding Photoshop and Macromedia applications, you would need to use WINE. There are a lot of references on how to run Windows applications under WINE that can be found on the internet.

A great resource is Frank's Corner

But honestly your mileage may vary. It will on depend on what versions you are using.

To ease the pain of configuring WINE to run windows appliucation I would suggest that you get CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office. It is a commercial variant of WINE, though it is sort of an enhanced WINE it comes with a cost (very minimal).

It can automatically configure your Windows program to run in Linux. It will even download any dependancies that your Windows program requires.

It really will make your porting experience very bearable.

Hope this helps.
You can use both at the same time with VMARE , emulator either inside the linux or inside the windows
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