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Flash Movies

RPG Villager
I didn't know where to put this but:

I really want to make a flash movie (or game if possible) but I will not pay for any software. Is it still possible to make these then? if it is, could somebody tell me how (teach me) to make them? i would rather make a movie (because games need programming) but if you could, could you also teach me how to make games? i have alwasys wanted to make flash movies so somebody please respond to this with some helpful information!

RPG Villager Cool
look up a tutorial or something, how the fck would someone teach you here
RPG Villager
my question still stands!

The person who gets me the most helpful answer gets all my FRIH$ cuz i have no use for it. please help me!
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Yeah. Pretty sure there is no free alternative to Flash. If you really want to make a Flash movie or game your going to have to splurge and buy it.

The only advice I can offer is to try and buy a student version. These usually sell way under the pro versions and have all the same features. The only restriction is that you cannot make money off of what you make. Check out this site for student software. The current price is $234 (U.S.) compared to $550 for the pro retail version.

The only other thing that you might want to look into would be to learn Java/ Javascript. I personally have no experience in that area but I know that it is very powerful. In fact, the new Gucci site looks like it might have been done in Flash but its all Javascript. So if your looking to create something like that, not really a movie, you could learn Java. Best of all it's totally free.

Good luck though, let us know where you end up.
Also, Macromedia offers a 30 day trial for flash (and most of their other programs, like Fireworks/Freehand if you need an image editing program). So, give it a try for a month and see if you really want to make flash stuff before you spend a few hundred bucks on a program.

As for learning, Macromedia offers a set of tutorials on their website. That'll lead you through using all of the basic tools in the program. Then, do a google search for "flash tutorial" and go through a few of them. Teaching someone flash in general is a big project; too big for someone to casually handle on this forum. But if you start learning on your own, and run into a problem, I'm sure someone here can help.

- Walkere
RPG Villager
thankyou to both of you form your advice. SlowWalkere, i liked your advice but i liked eruct's advice better. Eruc, you get all my frih for helping me. I think ill try to learn java and maybe ill figure somethin out from there.

thanks and Peace,
RPG Villager
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