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Back To School

welp that time of the year again. so i was wondering what do you personally think are essential electronics for students this next school year? any particular wireless networks for cells?
A good computer, speakers and an electric guitar. Razz
Without those essentials, I don't see how anyone can go to school.
Help us out. What classes are you studying? Are you living on campus? What sort of technological services does your school offer? Are you a caveman who has absolutely no need for any material possessions in your life? After we have formulated a concise analysis of your personal life, we can begin to tell you how you need to survive.
Pencil, eraser, pen, ruler, paper/scribblers. That's all we took when I was a kid, though that was admittedly a long, long time ago.

Can't really disagree with jongoldsz up there though, but I'd leave out the computer. Smile

datter wrote:
but I'd leave out the computer. Smile

I can't recall the number of times a computer has helped me bang out essays at the last minute. 10 or 12 yellow sheets of lined paper into my work, I could barely hold my pen.
a computer is essential for school!!
or at least a laptop... how else to you communicate with people? Very Happy
You will need a computer and the basic things you always need for school, most teachers now have it saying that internet access is a must.
A laptop, with all the networking "tools."

Or if you are at high school level, a usb hard drive with all said networking "tools," maybe bootable linux, and a good kit for getting around lockouts.

My highschool used to use novell. They tried to lock out the desktop to everyone, and only let you use App Launcher and a personal folder on the server. My networking 3 class senior year had getting around novell and proxy filters down to a science.

The college equivilent of this type of protection should be pretty easy to circumvent, depending on the CS dept.

As a nice thing to have in case of filters, here is a nice web proxy to use:

It is a perl script, and can get around most of the major stuff.

Make sure to uncomment:

sub proxy_encode {
    my($URL)= @_ ;
    $URL=~ s#^([\w+.-]+)://#$1/# ;                 # http://xxx -> http/xxx
    $URL=~ s/(.)/ sprintf('%02x',ord($1)) /ge ;   # each char -> 2-hex
    $URL=~ tr/a-zA-Z/n-za-mN-ZA-M/ ;              # rot-13
    return $URL ;

sub proxy_decode {
    my($enc_URL)= @_ ;
    $enc_URL=~ tr/a-zA-Z/n-za-mN-ZA-M/ ;        # rot-13
    $enc_URL=~ s/([0-9A-Fa-f]{2})/ sprintf("%c",hex($1)) /ge ;
    $enc_URL=~ s#^([\w+.-]+)/#$1://# ;           # http/xxx -> http://xxx
    return $enc_URL ;

It will encrypt your urls.

I like having free access to the internet, as filters often filter out good resources such as
I'd say a good computer, a nice pen and a printer with some spare paper/ink cartridges could get you through most stuff. The rest is all program/school specific.
All I had was some pens, notebooks and a calculator...and managed I my way through MIT. The more tools you have, the more you will need later. Simplistic, yes...but also very true.
Get a basic computer. 64MB video card, 533MHz proc, 128MB of ram and a 8-10 GB at most. Then get a printer. It will all cost you a grand total of about $50 if you look in the newspaper or your local Craigslist, and it will give you all the tools you need, from surfing Frihost forums to writing your papers.

The important thing, though, is that you don't get sucked into Halo, Half-Life, NWN, Oblivion or any of the other goodies out there. In fact, downgrade to 32 MB of RAM, built in video card (4MB anyone?), 333MHz and a 500 MB HD. Smile

But hey, pens, papers, lots of notebooks and a good way to organize class papers. I prefer those accordian binders myself. If you have math, a TI calculator can be nice. 83 Pluses are the most compatible, I've found.

egads! I'm not sure if my OS would even startup with that config! But the point has been made, it's not how much you have, it's how much you know.

Study! Smile
back to school every time after school holiday... so boring lah...
do ur hw...hehe
rhathar wrote:
If you have math, a TI calculator can be nice. 83 Pluses are the most compatible, I've found.

Also, if you have any financial classes, make sure you are allowed to use those. One of my professors this year made us all go out and buy the BA Plus Pro Financial Calulators for his class. I think it was because you can program TI83's and because they don't have things like annuity calculations built in.

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