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SAW 2?

Decided to watch SAW 2 yesterday, only managed to watch the firstly half; what happens in the end?
I saw the first 10 minutes or so of SAW 1 and I don't even wanna know what happened in the rest. The movie was just too gross.

I am not judging people who actually like such movies. But I don't think that is the stuff good movies are made of.
Boy, if you thought THAT was gross, you better stay away from the non-teen, non-comedic horror genre altogether. Ok, it's always freaky when people are forced to harm themselves and such, but still...

About saw 2 (select it to read, don't wanna give away spoilers):

Short version:
A lot of people die and the big dealer guy goes to any lengths possible to get out, including cutting a piece out of his neckskin. The cop's son finally kills the dealer and him and the girl who also played in the first movie are left. They stumble through the house to finally end up in the same area where most of the first movie happened.

Meanwhile the cops trace the signal and while they're going after that, the father of the kid abducts the killer guy, beats him up and forces him to take him to the house. Turns out the signal was coming from an empty house and the father cop ends up in the saw 1 basement where we last saw his son too. He is suddenly attacked and chained up by someone and we find out it is in fact the girl from the first movie who is taking over as the killer. The original dude dies from his illness in the father's car and when the timer runs out, the safe in the original killer's office (where the father interviewed him) opens to show the son alive inside.

So basically, everything was being shown a few hours after it really happened, the girl is the new killer, the father is left chained in the basement where the guys from the first movie died (cause he arrested some of those people without real proof or something) and the kid is alive and well and the father would've been too, if he had just waited till the timer had counted down.
Saw 1 and 2 are excellent films, and my favourite horror films. They're intelligent, scary and they have excellent scores. In recent years, the stereo-typical horror movie consisted of a blonde 18-year old running aimlessley around a house from some loser in a mask with a knife, ultimately dying from a stab wound that takes forever to happen. But, with Saw, you can understand from the killers point of view, his reasons for doing what he is doing, but yo also sympathise with the victims, no matter how grisly their past. Of course, the twists are excellent and really make you appreciate the film, especially becuase of how it was a low budget master piece that came out of nowhere. Even if you are squeamish, I'd definitley recommend this film for anyone who appreciates an intelligent film. But yes, there will be blood... Very Happy
i think ur beter is to watch it all it's agreat movie swa2.
in the end they found the little boy in the room where the police were and no one in the house it all was recorded on a video tape you would better to watch it by your self
I loved the twist in Part 2..
You should really pay attention to everything they say, you should listen to every word they say, because they take everything littraly... which doesnt really makes sences at start but you get what it means in the end.

I loved the first one more tho..
*Cross fingers for a trilogy*
Both saw 1 and saw 2 were incredible and proved that there are indeed some horrors out there that are not all about killing people and killing people, and that there's more to it than it meets the eye at first sight. But I have to admit that the way people die is very well made too.
Yeah true, it kinda showed the world that sequels can be good. *coughMatrixcough*

And the way they people get killed is actually pretty entertaining, Its not like other Horror movies where there's a physco guy with a knife stabbing his way to the end, with the Blond, Big Breasted College Proffesor that figuers out why the killer is doing this at the end of the moive.
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