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Traffic Reporting System

I am probably asking too much by asking for this...

I am planning to set up a TRS (Traffic Reporting System) but I need someone to make it. This would probably involve flash, but I don't know.

I want a system where you go to the site, and see a a large forum topic type screen. I will use the FriHost forum layout as an example.

Avatar area
I would lke a large square street map (or a satelite map with coloured lines going over it for roads like on Google Earth) showing the area where the accident is and how far the traffic jam goes back and what other roads are involved

Post area
Split into smaller fields. Showing things like N/E/S/W-Bound, a more detailed description of where the accident is, vehicles involved, a "Rubbernecking" check box, a "Rubbernecking on other side of the road" checkbox, etc.

Signature area

Info on when posted, by who (anonymous or by registered user)

I also want other kinds of things like a Map view which shows a map that fills the screen and speech bubbles where the accidents are among other things.

If you are interested. Do not hesitate to contact me. You will be paid well! Very Happy

@Bockman, Yes the payment is in FRIH$'s
Are we talking about FRIH$ payment??

Please specify.

Be Well Cool
Yes, the payment is in FRIH$

(I posted this here and above so that new people would see it and so that I could notify you that the topic has been edited. Dont ban me... Crying or Very sad )
I wasn't thinking of doing it. (I usualy don't think about it. I either do it or don't).

As for your request. I really see it as a very complex system and can't see anyone doing it for FRIH$ m8.

It's a rgeat idea though. Just can't figure out how the users would insert the report and spot it on the map.

Be Well Cool
I suppose a shoutbox would do the trick. It would be quite easy without the map
I can't really help here, sounds like a pretty complex system, but something that you might want to look into is the fact you can get the Google Maps API for free to use and customize as long as you are not making money off of it. What does this mean? Basically you can use their powerful mapping system and customize it as you see fit. That's really as far as my knowledge goes on the subject but you mentioned that you wanted the feel of Google Maps and the ability to have caption bubbles and what not.
As far as allowing users to upload data that would change the map... good luck, really. Sounds like a very useful thing you wish to develop and I wish I could be more help.

Here is the link to the Google Maps API.
Here is an example of it in action. ( you should see a 'google map' link in the lower left.
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