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Guitar Hero

Hey, all! Does anybody here, besides me, play Guitar Hero? One of my brothers bought a PS2 recently just so he could play it, and it's loads of fun. I'm not very good yet, though. Razz
I have heard allot about this game but I'm not a console huger so i haven't tryd it yet. it sound grate and a read this in super play (a Swedish game magazine) a smiler game will be released for DS or was it psp
my nephew has it and i've played a few times. it is a very cool game, which i'll probably pick soon.
It's so fun. I love the music
It sounded really stupid to me, but a some of friends picked it up. Fun and addicting. It's a really well made game, and I was shocked at how solid it was.

laying Stevie Ray Vaughn on the extreme setting is possibility the most challenging task I've ever encountered.
Eh, I can't do extreme at all. Heck, I'm still working on mastering medium level(pethetic, I know).

Anyways, what are everybody's favorite songs in the game? Mine are "More Than a Feeling", "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Iron Man", and "Infected". But mainly the former, I do it all the time.
I love Guitar Hero, I was just playing it in fact. =P

It's probably one of my favourite games ever made, too. Just so fun and addicting...too bad it costs a lot. =/

I love playing "Crossroads" and "Godzilla".

oh oh...and I can't wait for number II to come out, EGM just announced a whole lot of songs for it.
I sooooooo badly wanna play YYZ and Crazy On You.
Guitar Hero Is great. I can't wait for the second one. kinda sux though cause my 5 year old ps2 decided to no longer read dvd's. and I heard that the ps3 ia not going to be compatible with the ps2 hardware. That blows, That means I'll have to either get a new ps2 and a new ps3 maybe. freaking A. anyway I usually play at my friends place we found out you can't play it on Hd tv's the delay is killer.
bluefossil wrote:
and I heard that the ps3 ia not going to be compatible with the ps2 hardware.

Actually, I'm pretty sure Sony said that they'll release an adapter to use PS2 controllers for the PS3.
OMG ... I got a copy of it yesterday and I"M L-O-V-V-V-V-V-ING it!!!!!! Crossroads is a blast. I'm half way through medium.
hello my friends i want a game and it will be amazing same lord of ring
The best game ever, and Guitar Hero 2 is comming, if you have a band you can actually be part of Guitar Hero 2 if you win a contest.
OMG! Guitar Hero has YYZ on it!
Guitar hero is AMAZING. When I first got this game I sat at home with my band and we just played for days. I got to where I can play quite a few songs on expert, and I got pretty far in the career mode.

This is one of the best games out there! Check it out!!
It's been said that Guitar Hero 2 will be made for all the next-gen consoles. I think the Wii can make the best out of it from all the next-gen console due to its distinctive uniqueness. I never played any Guitar Hero, but supposedly it's a big deal. Just thought I'd give you Guitar Hero fans a heads up on the sequel.
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