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iPod Size

Tony The Tiger
I got my iPod on eBay at about a 15% cost reduction ($371.50 including shipping vs $399 plus 9% tax = $434.91), but my iPod seems to have less space on its hard drive than I think it should. Thus, maybe I got what I bargained for. I am trying to figure out how much iPod space is normal. Since the manufacturing process is imprecise each individual drive has a different capacity. iTunes shows the amount of space used by the library files plus the iPod system files and the amount of space that remains free. My total for the amount used by the library files and system files plus the amount that remains free is 55.68. I think this is low. Some suggest that this is a function of the binary decimal conversion for iTunes systems showing these numbers in GB. The trick is converting binary into decimal. I.E. a Kilobyte is 2^10=1024 bytes; a megabyte is 2^20=1,048,576 bytes; and a gigabyte is 2^30=1,073,741,824 bytes.

I have noticed that both of my external hard drives that although I do not have the stated number of GB (298 and 76.3 instead of 300 and 80), these drives have sufficient space adjusting for binary conversion. I.E., I have 305,242 MB in my large external. My small external, although only 78,133 MB this still converts to 80,008,192 KB. Although my internal only has 37.2 GB (38,112 MB or 39,029,760 KB) it does have 39,966,474,240 Bytes, which could be described as 39.97 GB, which rounds to 40.0 GB. My 128 MB jump drive has 130,781,184 bytes which could be described as 130.8 MB.

However, my iPod seems to be on the very low end in terms of space. I have only 55.68 GB (57,016 MB, 58,384,712 KB or 59,785,944,760 Bytes). Thus, even in most optimistic terms I only have 59.8 GB.

The largest drives have the proper number of GB. However, I have nothing I own that has the proper number of GB. If you don't have the actual number of GB the next best thing is to get the proper number of MB. Then the proper number of KB and finally at the very least the proper number of Bytes is probably tolerable. Below is a chart that will help you determine whether you got a lot of space on your iPod compared to me. If your 60 GB iPod shows at least 58.59 GB then when converted to MB you have the stated amount of space. If yours shows 57.22-58.58, then you have the stated amount converted into KB. If yours shows between 55.88-57.21, then you have the stated amount converted into Bytes. The chart below shows conversions for all sizes from GB. If you have a smaller device, iTunes may measure in MB and the chart below does not apply.

I admit that I might not have complete understanding of the space measurement because some additional space might not be counted since it may take some space for system files and devices that are required to measure disk space. However, with all this in mind, please total the amount of space iTunes tells you your iPod has when totaling the Used and Free amount. The columns are GB conversions for MB, KB and Bytes. I.E., the 2nd column shows the number of GB that equates to 60,000 MB. The 3rd converts 60,000,000 KB into GB. The choices also summarize the conversions. Look at the conversions. Then, tell me whether you got the stated amount of space (strictly-1st column, converted to MB-2nd column, converted to KB-3rd column, converted to Bytes-4th column.

60: 58.59, 57.22, 55.88
40: 39.06, 38.15, 37.25
30: 29.30, 28.61, 27.94
20: 19.53, 19.07, 18.63
15: 14.65, 14.31, 13.97
10: 9.77, 9.54, 9.31
6: 5.86, 5.72, 5.59
5: 4.88, 4.77, 4.66
4: 3.91, 3.81, 3.73
2: 1.95, 1.91, 1.86
1: 0.98, 0.95, 0.93
0.5: 0.49, 0.48, 0.47
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