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Upgrading server and inform users instead of a new server

I use a cms for my site
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I believe upgrading the server and make the users aware of bad scripts and optimalisation, is much better than buying a new server. Which costs a lot more.

Upgrading the server:
Give it a new processor. The biggest problem that causes the downtime of the server is a overload. The serverinformation says that the server has only an amd sempron. Maybe its better to give it a better sempron processor or buy a new motherbord with an new proc. (Because the sempron has a different socket than for example the amd athlon 64.)

Also to improve the server a caching program can be installed. It makes the server a lot faster. The only problem is that such a program needs a lot of RAM. APC could be considered

Also what can be causing the overload are bad scripts (the server creates hundres of queries) or bad codes:
$array = 'one' . 'two' . 'tree'
instead of
$ array = 'one
$array . = 'two'
$array . = 'tree'
This is much slower.
Also a bad cms can slow the server down by having a lot of queries.

If the users know that a bad script makes their website slower. They might be getting a better script.

I hope that I have explained it well, its much easier to tell it in your own language Wink

I hope to get some good replies!
Without giving out numbers, there are plenty of users already on the server(2) and upgrading it with the intent of fitting more people on to avoid the purchase of another would in my opinion be unwise.

Bondings has been catching people out exploiting the server. Most of the problems so far though seem to be mass mailers rather CMS's and other scripts. (One of the problems with free webspace, easier to exploit, harder to catch exploiter)

Bondings is rather busy but I'm sure he'll respond to a well thought out and presented suggestion like this as soon as he can Smile
As far as I know Frihost Servers are very strong.

The processor is AMD 2.8 GHz and has 1 GB RAM (I might be wrong bcos I had asked abt this abt a year ago and have forgetton a bit Razz )

So the Server strength is not an issue here.

Also as to ur suggestion to upgrading them, would at the most be a bigger HDD and more RAM. This will lead to more load on the processor.
Also u mentioned abt upgrading the proccy, but thats almost equivalent to buying a new server. So a new Server will make more sense Very Happy
It's not the server load that is the problem. Unless something special (like an attack, ...) happens, the load is pretty normal.

The "Sempron" processor isn't as bad as the name might be. It's a 64 bit processor and performing very good.

I also recently upgraded the RAM from 1GB to 1.5GB.

The better scripts aren't realistic unfortunately.
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