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Should I pull a random move

I took this girl to a banquet once about last Christmas, since this I've liked her, but I've always been too shy to make a move. I dont know if she likes me or anything because she is very shy herself. Before the summer I've had the perfect chance to ask her out but I chickened out of it. Now schools back in, and I'm wondering if i should just ask her on a date or move on.
ASK! It may be hard to do, but take a chance. I won't go into the long version, but I kept noticing this cute lady in my apt complex...never talked to her, but I finally (at the urging of a very good friend) just went over and asked her out. Eventually, we got married, but th point is, take a chance and you might find she likes you too!
Ah how i miss those days Smile
The thruth is, you have nothing to worry about. The single most powerfull reason why you would hesitate is that because you are horrified by the thought of denial. Of the N word.
My advice to you is to ask her out on a casual, just friends night out. Go see a movie, or go to a club and dance. Don't jump on her imediatly, but watch how she reacts around you.
If you feel that she might have something for you, just kiss her by surprise. And then say your sorry. Worked for me alot of times Smile
P.S. Girls love a good sense of humour, and laughter can relax someone who is very shy or stressed
The main thing is if you are not getting any negative feelings from her end. If she's shy, she's probably just dying for you to say you want to go get a cup of coffee? Would you like to go out for pizza? Keep doing the little things like this and you'll know if it's going somewhere. If she has no interest in taking it further you'll know. If she's so shy (and you too), then you ultimately have to ask a real question like "where is this going?" She may say, "what?" and you can say, "us. I mean us. Do you see anything futher happening with us?"

then you're on your way.

good luck!
Well, you say she's shy... she'll probably never tell you if she likes you. And besides, you're the guy... traditionally, guys are supposed to make the first move (not that I agree with that).
And well, it needn't be a big date or anything... ask her out to coffee maybe a couple of times, and then take it from there.
you have to ask her out, believe me, if you have strong feelings for her and don't do it you'll be left wondering "what if" for the rest of your life, if it works out or not in the long run is kinda irelevant, I've been hooked on a girl for like 3 years now, we've just been kinda holiday romance for a few weeks every year, but the thing is I haven't been able to move on with my life with her in my head. So I decided it's time to pack up and move my ass over to her country, different language, no friends, but what the hell, I'll never know if I can float unless I jump in the deep end. scary and exiting, just enjoy it.
"Be a man, do the right thing =D"

Got that from a quote from Russell Peters. Do the first move, never mind if you got rejected because there are thousands, if not millions, of girls out there Smile.
It's not a tragedy if you get rejected. There are millions of girls as said before but if you really wanna have a good relationship ... just be yourself. Don't copy other guys, each and everyone of us has something special that girls love
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