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Your Cool PC Gadgets

I'm interested in hearing what others in these forums have for cool gadgets for their PC, like things that aren't really that common for typical PC users to have.

I have the following -

- TV Tuner (I can record and watch TV from my PC, through full-screen or in a small window if I'd like). This cost me around $40.00.
- SnapStream FireFly Remote Control (It's nice to be on the other side of the room and use the remote to tune into some music, it's also nice as it works with my DVD program too). This cost me around $50.00.
- Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (I can use this instead of manually entering usernames and passwords for sites that I visit frequently). This I bought for around $40.00.
- Internal Card Reader (I use this a lot for transferring images from my camera to my PC without the USB cable). This cost me around $20.00.

I'm still in search of more cool gadgets to get for my PC. I like these a lot though. Very Happy

- Mike.
Those things really arent all that uncommon but, ill give you that they are sort of neat to have in your computer.

My roommate has one of those cupholder/cig lighters in his 5.25" bay.
I have a Zalman light up fan conroller the, zm-mfc1.
I also have sound dampening material all along the inside of my case. Its black too so it helps the parts that arent black in my computer show up more and hides wires and stuff since they are sleeved with black mesh in my case.
Well, let's see;
-USB powered laptop cooler (very handy when running off a battery.)
-TV/Radio tuner
-Minijack to RCA adapter (Lets me use a stereo system as my PC speakers)
-USB powered desk fan (My desktops heat up my room badly, and the fan cools me off.)
TV tuner card with remote
ATi 9600XT 128MB card
P4 3.4Ghz Dual Core
A acer Laptop
Saitek wireless game controller.

What I find particularly handy are my wireless keyboard and mouse from Gyration. The thing that makes it so great is that it is not just a wireless keyboard with a wireless, optical mouse, but also that the mouse has an additional benefit: it is gyroscopic. In other words, I can use the mouse anywhere within 30 feet, even without a mousepad - nor any surface, for that matter. I just hold it in mid air, click the trigger, then just move it in the direction I want it to go. It even supports mouse gestures, but I only use a few of those.
i have a fan 4 channel fan controller that can actually turn the fan off, got it for 10 bucks.

Got dual blue 12" cathodes

Got a dual fan harddrive cooler...2 bucks

Fanless gpu cooler, keeps it at 40C idle and 75C heavy load.
Eh... A lotta sh*t:

-front panel temp LCD gauge
-front panel fan controller
-DUAL 5.1 surround, one on SPDIF (a lotta watts total, it shakes the dorm) and other on standard jacks (~100 watts total). The SPDIF system I got from my parents from their home theatre. It originially was over $600 Shocked
-running all laptop drives for removable media
-custom side blowholes
-custom-painted headset and keyboard
-custom case lighting (on the way)
-TV tuner (of course Very Happy )

I used to have the same sound dampening material that TheGeek has (he got the idea from me Very Happy ), but it got annoying so I got rid of it.

I'm working on getting my secondary 5.1 system to work with my TV too, so I can use both systems however I want. I also have the tuner configged on my surround.

There is probably a lotta stuff I forgot, I have been doing modding and such for way too long...
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