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Bluescreen blues. Is there a way to recover a notepad doc?

Hi, all -

My computer just bluescreened. The event log wasn't very helpful about why. The only thing that even looked unusual was a warning about the system clock not being able to sync.

At the time my computer crashed, I was working on something in notepad. I found out when I rebooted that the document hadn't been saved in many hours. Does Windows store temp files for notepad? Where can I find them? Is there any other way to recover what I was working on?
Quite simply, it's gone forever.
The unsaved portions of the document you were working on were stored in RAM, which was completely erased when the computer rebooted. Depending on your settings and the type of error, windows might do a memory dump when it brings up the bluescreen. Your only possible hope is to find that, browse through it, and hope you'll be able to recognize and recover your document when you see it. That, however, is very unlikely.

You just need to follow the three most important computing rules:
1: Back up your data.
2: Save your work often.
3: Avoid microsoft products if at all possible.
use a recovery software such as O&O disk recovery and it will find it for you .
i just thought i would say this , you can get a 30 day trial and this would be what you need as it is alot of money to buy ....
{name here}
No recovery software will be able to recover an unsaved document since RAM will only store so long as it has enough electricity running through it. If it doesn't, POOF! Everything there that isn't on a hard disk is gone forever into the abyss of your local power plant. Even if at the slight chance it was in virtual memory, windows clears the pagefile every bootup.

I doubt that a simple BSOD would make windows spew out a memory core dump unless it was very serious, especially from the way you made it sound that you run a 9x version(which would cause a crash with its tolerance as thin as a thimble. I'd be surprised if you are running an NT based system while running in NOTEPAD), which I believe will not dump your memory(or at least keep it after analysis). In the case that it is XP, see if those at the BestTechie forum can help.
Thanks for the replies. I'm very concerned about the bluescreens. The computer is brand new (Dell Inspirion laptop), and there have been several bluescreens. I thought they could all be traced to me accidentally pressing the MediaDirect button, but this last bluescreen was just spontaneous. Sad
Dell is really bad for your computer. I'd suggest backing up all your files and REFORMATTING your WHOLE harddrive (don't use the windows xp cd your laptop came with). That way, dell's presence is erased forever.
^Not on a laptop, though. The cpu fan actually has a driver, and you shouldn't run it long without that driver. (Learned that the hard way)
chkdsk /all
to your harddisk this may solve your problem Laughing
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