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Poor sports bring down gaming

Im playing Zdaemon (A doom source port) in a game of CTF when 2 people keep going on and insulting and swearing at each other. after about 8 messages I say "Shut up Noobs" refering to the fact that they are acting in the steriotypical sense of "Noobs" getting in fights over no reason.

After a while, I hear a beep from the chat lobby. its one of the guys that were fighting. after he demands a challenge from me and me declining about 4 times, he starts to swear at me and act like a total idiot.

Seriously people, in any game there is no reason why anyone should care about who is what and taking small things such as someone calling someone a "noob" to an extreme level. Its great to be competitive in games in all but when you take it to a level where you are insulting other players for no reason and using stupid excuses to get your way, it brings down the moral and the fun of any game.

I dont think people should use comments like "noob" for the fact they may not know the real power of any player. as far as you know, next week, he may possess the skills to beat you at any game! Really, dont be poor sports and dont insult each other, its stupid and not worth it!
yeah, i feel the same way about people playing BFME online. You play them in a game and you are massacreing them, then they call u a n00b for the strat that u use. It's like, get a life and stop complaining on when someone beats u or calls u something. It should make you want to get better at the game and someday be a pro.
one word: BM (bad manner)

ignore idiots, they will argue with u for no reason. In gaming there are as much as idiots as in the real world...
Indeed. ESPECIALLY with free flash games, you know? Like shockwave has a game called Inklink (it's sort of like pictionary), and people go on there that cheat and spell out the words rather than drawing them....and then there's the people who want to cyber with you.

I mean, JESUS CHRIST I just want to play some ****** damn pictionary.
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