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Not Charging Karr?!?

As soon as they got off the plane and showed that Karr had two women lawyers I said, "here we go again".

As for proving Karr guilty, I would show the ransom letter that Mr. Ramsey produced way back on day 1 that was signed S.B.T.C.

Well, no one knew what that meant at the time but they they produced a yearbook where Karr put the words "shall be the conqerer" right near his signature. What are the odds of this co incidence?

Next, he had people from his high school that he confessed to and wanted to tell them why there were no footprints in the snow. I never heard his explanation, once the word got from the lady lawyers to the lady newscasters his exact words were "lost in the shuffle".

Last, he openly confessed on TV so that would be pretty convincing evidence to a jury. That looks like 4 aces to me, but the lady DA in Colorado takes all these "pluses" and applies woman's intuition to this evidence and declares "he did not do it".

When she says they have no proof he was in Colorado at the time she is incorrect, she has the letter that Mr. Ramsey produced years ago with the letters S.B.T.C. Does she have that much proof he was anywhere else?

Compare this alleged "non proof" to the alleged "proof" that convicted Scott Peterson. You remember, not a stitch of evidence that he did the murder, not a stitch of evidence that he was not fishing as he said he was, and they have Scott on "Death Row".

Peterson hired his lawyers to convince just 1 juror that he was not guilty, that is the legal requirement, but the Judge took two jurors OFF THE CASE after they deliberated for a week, violated the jury pool, and Peterson was convicted.

If Peterson wanted the Judge to decide the case he would have chose a bench trial, he took the Judge out of the decision by choosing a Jury Trial, BUT THE JUDGE DECIDED IT ANYWAY!

It is my opinion, and I can back it up with facts, that the empowerment of women through Family Courts has brought on many, many serious problems but to even discuss the possibility of this problem would violate the false paridgm that women actually know what they are talking about when they enter the Court room.

Women. I love them dearly. I had a mother and I have a daughter. But in all honesty I have never met one that can prove 2 plus 2 is four with a bag of marbles in their hand.

I'd be happy to present Karr's evidence to a jury and let them decide but I would not present Peterson's "proof" to a dog, for fear that the dog would burst out laughing at me...
Who cares about Karr? What really comes to light about this is the pathetic state of our "TV journalism". "To extend Karr’s allotted 15-minutes of fame into a 10-day ordeal; TV news ignored important stories of war, environmental degradation, corruption, citizen activism. Instead, TV viewers were offered hundreds of hours of single-minded examination and debate on one burning question: did Karr do it?" Why? Because they can cheaply get days of high ratings because the issue requires zero research or even actual journalism. They can burn hours with so-called experts and mindless reporting and repetition.
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