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Switching Hosts, help me!

Due to my increase of diskpace needed, and domain name enquiries, I need to switch to a paying hosting. Not that Frihost is bad, becuase it is the BEST free hosting in the world!!!

I need to know how to transfer my site from here to a different host.

1. How to transfer entire site, files, mysql, databases, etc. without losing anything or changing anything.

2. How to redirect old url to new domain.

3. How to change url from search engines.

4. If there is anything else needed in this process please let me know!
1. Using FTP program like SmartFTP, your able to open 1 or more server locations.
You can open up the frihost directory, and your new directory and just copy your files over straight over.

Else.. Here's a more recommended and simplier way..
Log into your Direct Admin.. and then goto File Manager.
Click on 'public_html' ... then go back up a level, and you'll get a different list of files folders.
Next to 'public_html' ..go along to 'Select' and tic that box.
Then, click on 'Add To Clipboard'
Then, at the bottom where it says- Compress clipboard files to /domains/<domain><FileName>.tar.gz . Fill in the file name, for example 'sitebackup' and click create.

Once it's made... Go back to the File manager, click on public_html .. then back up one level and you'll find your '' in there. Just click on it to download.

Then on your new domain, you can upload this file and extract it on the server. ( if server supports extracting, else you'll have to do the first method.)

SQL Databases
You can download a backup for your databses from PHPMyAdmin.. else from your site itself, both phpbb and nuke have backup options which you can download the database. Then you can create the database on your new domain and upload your backups.

To ensure that they work, you will need to check the 'config.php' files in both your Nuke and PHPBB2 setup, that they correspond to your SQL details that you just made. Else you will get errors.

2. Again in your Direct Admin, scroll down to the heading 'advanced features' and click on Site Redirection.
Local URL Path: /
Destination URL:

This will redirect people who visit your site on the frih account to your new site. You can use this untill you people get used to your new url.

3. .. I have no idea Very Happy. Lol!

Hope i helped though.
Ok thank you very much so let me get this straight:

1. Copy entire folder one up from public_html
then upload it to new host directory?

2. then create a backup of the SQL into a file, then run the SQL file on my other host.
1. No,no... You need to copy everything insde the public_html folder... therefore just copying the public_html folder is easiest... Then on your new server, you can copy the contents of the backedup public_html into public_html on your new server. Smile lol.

2. Yep.. create a backup of your SQL database's. This may just create a backup of the tables. Therefore... when yu come to uploading them to your new site. You will need to create the SQL database's in your admin panel (preferably to the same name/user/passwords as old/frihost's), then there wont be any unnessesary complications. Then open that databse up in PhpMyAdmin and upload the backup sql database Wink
Oh I see ok!
2. How to redirect old url to new domain.

3. How to change url from search engines.

These kinda go together. To redirect, I'd suggest to you to put a script like this into your FriHost public_html directory (call it index.php):

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

(replace with your new URL).
This basically tells the browser that your site has moved permanently, and where to find it. If someone goes to your FriHost'ed site, they'll get redirected to the new URL.

Even though this seems harder than adding the redirection via DirectAdmin, it does have a large benefit. Once a search engine sees that the page has moved permanently, it will update its listing to instead have the new URL (at least, Google and Yahoo do this). The redirects set in DirectAdmin are only set as 'Temporary' redirects...
Thats pritty neat Smile thx.

I might do a tutorial 'how to move your site cms to frihost'

Is it alright to use ur information there danial with credit to you?
Hammy wrote:
Thats pritty neat Smile thx.

I might do a tutorial 'how to move your site cms to frihost'

Is it alright to use ur information there danial with credit to you?

Yeah, sure Smile
In Frihost Direct Admin Site Riderection

What do you put where it says Local Path: ___________/ (eg. /ridirect) ?????
the member is switching because of no space and you ask him to tar his backup on the server!!!!

you can do one thing... install rapidleech on your new host and then pull the files out of frih mod it to pull
*.* and preserve the directory stucture
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