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Whos is the FUTURE.... JAVA or .NET

HI all

A simple question JAVA and .NET are like life time competators.. both having a strong base.. But ultimate winner should be any one.. Whome do you think and WHY ? Question
Java rocks and has many features than .net so obivously it will be future
what ever java may have... but it cant have the robustness and support as .Net . So .net have more chances to lead
Hi there,

Both java and .net is two very complicated languages, but if i had to choose would I still take php, as it's still mostly designed for everyone to use. As php wasn't mentioned here would I think that Java would be the winner, cause of it's stability and security. There must be a reason to that java is choosen in ex. homebanking instead of .net. I don't know the reason and I don't know much about java or .net, more than that I've tried and then went back to php and html.

Stubru Freak
Java, it's more powerful and more cutting-edge then .NET
I keep hearing that a java developer "converting" to reasonable .net player is a week. But to convert the other way takes months.

There are a lot more "lower level" functions with java.

I am a java developer but it's hard to remain impartial when you learn which language offers a cross-platform compatibility.

PHP offers fast "developer productivity" but falls short when building advanced systems requiring "lower level" functions. Use Java servlet technology.
A java program runs on multiple operating systems. Swing and java 3d API are very good. Java will be open sourced. .net is not open source and is not cross-platform (Mono project is far behind and not ready for enterprise use). Conclusion : Java is already a winner !
i dont think you can speak about a 'winner'
Bengt wrote:
i dont think you can speak about a 'winner'

You're right Wink ,is just a matter of speech Smile
Java is more popular than .NET and I don't think that .NET will ever be more popular than Java.
Well, i dont know a lot of this things, but as far as i know, .NET was created by microsoft, which makes the linux developers a bit mad, it goes against their open source will, they hate microsoft, so not many people programs the .NET base to linux, which causes it to have a lot of bugs within linux system, java runs way better in linux, so... the advantage of .NET and java was called portability, you move it to any OS, since it only depends on the script base, and since in linux .NET sucks, i think java is way better Wink
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