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Sony's Blue Ray Re-Writable drive

Sony Electronics has unveiled the BWU-100A, its first internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) rewritable drive that supports up to 50GB of data on BD-R (write once) or BD-RE (rewritable) discs, or up to four hours of high-definition video using HDV 1080i on a BD-RE 50GB disc.


The price is Indian Rupees 44,300/-

So is this worth it? Wouldn't it be better just to buy an External Hard Drive?
I just read the article in newspaper ,.. the BD disk can support till 200GB,.. please correct me if i'm wrong Surprised
Even if can support only 50GB ,.. i think that's too enough for me. Laughing
I think as of now, it is 25GB for single layer and 50 GB for double layer Blueray DVD. The same way normal DVDs have 4 and 8 GB right now.

50 GB is bigger than the usual hard disks of laptops of a year ago. It is really a lot. Only use I can see for a regular PC owner is to make barkups of their entire Hard drive,

But ofcourse pretty soon most of the movies will be released in Blu ray disks in HDTV quality. So eventually it will become essential to own such a drive.

It will take some time for the price to drop, but evenetually, it will.
Isn't the Blu-ray for the PS3 only though ? If not then i would suggest that you get such a drive but i in my personal opinion would wait for the price to drop. I will get such a drive in time as the Blu-ray can hand substantial amounts of data i think it would be worth the money you have to pay for it. Smile
Yes the Blue Ray disks will be used to make PS3 Game Disks. But it is not exclusive to that.

Blue Ray disks will be released to consumers the same way as DVDs today.
Hi there,

Meaning, other DVD suppliers will have to come out Blue-ray Disk as well?

Yes... it's still a high price item at this newly launch moments... wait
until it become more common place and the price will be more
calvinchin wrote:
Hi there,

Meaning, other DVD suppliers will have to come out Blue-ray Disk as well?

Yes... it's still a high price item at this newly launch moments... wait
until it become more common place and the price will be more

Well if you are thinking of Blue Ray DVD, you also have to think of HD-DVDs, the rival of Blue Ray. Both these formats are going to hit the markets soon. And so now we are stuck between deciding to go for a Blue Ray or HD-DVD.

Blue Ray can hold 25 and 50 BG while HD-DVD can hold 100 GB or more. And even movies will in the future come in both formats. So we either buy players for each format, or stick to one format and not see the movies in the other format.

I wonder if DVD Writers will come out that can write to both types of disks!

And ofcourse they both will be virtually unaffordable in the beginning. It's quite a headache.
I don't know how much rupees are worth but the blu-ray writer player is 999$ in the USA.

And actually there IS a Sony Vaio with a Blu-ray driver. Of course you could have guessed it, it's 3999$.

Well I think we should wait at least 1.5 years to let the standard go into our lives.
$999 is about Rs 44,300/-

Even when these formats have become affordable to the general public, there is still the dilemma of the Blue Ray or HD-DVD. Personally I like Blue Ray better. Sony rocks.

When you can save 50GB, that's almost the whole hard disk of today's Laptop hard drives. And unless it is a re-writable disk you can't change what is written. So choosing what to write on a particular disk will have to be done caredully.

Of course the disks themselves will be much more expensive than todays writable DVDs
Personally, I would stay away from all types of optical media. I guess Bill Gates once said that all the brouhaha going on between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray as to which would become the de-facto standard was a complete waste since the future of content delivery lay in streaming media directly to the PC's hard drive. And nowadays, all the DVD players are equipped with USB support and hard disk capabilities.

Optical media are becoming notoriously unreliable, just like floppies became a few years ago. I think data / video stored on hard disks and flash based storage last longer than data stored on optical media.

Just my 2 cents....
Well, for the time beeing, they are very expensive-yes, but its just a matter of time before their price drops bellow 100Euros... And the disks bellow 1-2Euros... The DvD's are a thing of the past, and they have to be replaced-fast, cause their technology, has been used for many year, and its already, very cheap, which makes comapnies starve. Companies need new products in order to survive. The Prices of both Blu-Ray and HDVD, will drop fast, because of the competition between them. So for now, yes, an external HDD is far-far-far-far-far better than that drive...
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