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Lizzle-sama Productions

Lizzle-sama Productions

This is currently the 'studio' section of my site:
It contains mainly anime wallpapers I made on Photoshop, as well as incomplete sections of anime reviews and MIDIs I've sequenced.

I'm working on the layout for a site that I'm gonna put some Starcraft melee maps I've made (if anybody still plays, but sweet game, btw)

I'm a fan of minimalism...didn't want to go too flashy with the site...

And as a side note, my gallery can also be found at if anybody is a member there...

and lol, yeah, the 'forums' on my site aint really a forum right now...just checking out the forum function....yay feeling the power of admin control for the first time Smile
Let me start by saying that your wallpapers are beautiful. Great job. I also think that your MIDIs (the ones that I heard) are also very well done. As far as the site though, you might want to think about a few things.

It took me a while to even realize that the vertical links on the left were even links, in fact, if you hadn't mentioned that your site had MIDIs and Wallpapers in it in your thread, I would have most likely skipped them. So, I would suggest turning them horizontal. But, If you insist on them being the way they are find some way to make them more obvious, or at least add a rollover. The same goes for the 'Home' link. There isn't one. The only way to get back to your homepage that I would was by clicking you "Gekkologique" text on the left, which might be fine if it was in the upper right corner where people are used to it being but not in it's current spot. Again, make it more obvious, move it, or in this case, just add a 'Home' link to the navigation.

The second thing would be to add some thumbnails to the wallpapers page. I know that thumbs appear once you click the words, but not being a huge Anime fanatic myself, I have no idea what the names mean. They are beautiful and I should know that from the start.

Keep in mind that these are only my personal feelings and I know your site is still in the works.

Great job
thanks, your suggestions on the links are helpful...yeah, I'm gonna keep them vertical, but i'll try and make them more obvious...
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