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can u request a job for me???

i am a teenager who is really low on cash i live in a small town and need a job can anyone tell me what i can do to get money or request a job for me?
please help
Ok, well, you just gotta use your head. I mean getting a job isnt hard, even in my country money is literlly laying on the ground and yelling "pick me up!'.
Depends on your skills, on your friends and contacts, on your personality too.
Either get a physical job like mowing lawns, raking leaves, plowing snow, garden caring, hole digging, tree cutting or something like that. The pay isnt bad and you learn ALOT, not only the things you do, but how to WORK and how to TALK with people, how to negotiate with them. If you want a "better" job then you must look for oppertunities like cashier, door-to-door sellsperson and the like. These jobs also arent bad. If you have the skills then use them. I for example put together computers and configure them, I also design leaflets and posters, do some DTP, even web design, which all gives alot of cash and alot of new experience. Remember also: LEARN! Every job gives you loads of stuff to learn, learn it all and your becoming more and more universal and independent. Well, thats all I could think of now.

BTW: How do find a job? Well, ask around the neighbors, reletives and friends, agree on low sallary (maybe they'll pay you in jam or cake ^_^ ), ask around the stores if the dont need some help with anything, look through local newspapers, advertise your skills, but remember, youre young so you gotta advertise a bit lower price on, lets say, web design, that way theyll risk having a page made by "some teenager", rather than a pro.
Good luck mate.
ok thanks for your reply i will take your advice and use it wisely i will try for a job soon and hopefully not be so bored all the time:lol:
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