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500 FRIH$: For a custom-made storefront. (PHP)

I need a custom made storefront for this site:
(The prospective location of the storefront is accesable via the 'store' link on that page.)

This will be no normal storefront, however. This store will not charge US$, it will charge Dsk$, the currency of my site.

As I'll be spending a lot of Frih$ on this, I have some stringent requirements:

1] The main page should show a listing of the most popular items.
2] Each item listed there should have it's image next to it.
3] It must allow a user to select catagories to browse through. (The catagories should be: Linux Distros, Live (Bootable) CD's, Other OS's, Software, Other, Add-ons(discussed later))
4] It must allow a user to sort the items he/she is browsing through by price, popularity, and alphabeticly users should be able to select wether to sort these ascending or descending.
5] The sorting utility must be able to be used on all pages that list items, including the search page (mentioned later)
6] It must be somewhat consistant with the theme of the parent site.
7] It must keep track of these variables concerning the items offered: name, ID, price, catagory, imageURL, descriptionURL, diskmaker, number remaining (number remaining needs to be optional, some items will need it, some will not.). Ihave a database already made for it, which I will modify or replace according to your request.
8] It must include a checkout section which will subtract the total price of all the selected items from that user's Dsk$ (Found on a seperate database).
9] It must do one of the following: Use a login screen to verify which member from the forum is trying to buy things. -or- Take over the session from phpbb, so that the user does not have to log in.
10] It must have an admin control panel. (The admin panel dosen't have to look pretty, it just has to work.)
11] From the admin control panel I, and other authorized users (That means another login screen), should be able to add new items, delete items, and modify items.
12] It should send an e-mail, PM, or message via control panel to whoever the diskmaker for the item chosen is, informing that diskmaker that they need to make and ship the disk.
13] It should send a confirmation E-mail to the customer after purchase which will inform them that their item will arrive in one to two weeks. It would be preferable that the E-mail contain an invoice, but that is not required.
14] It should be easy to navigate.
15] It should include links back to the forum on every page (except any pop-up windows or error messages).
16] It should, after the purchase, redirect the user to the URL I already gave you.
17] Every item, when listed should display: an image (100x100)(linked to the description URL), the item's name, the item's price, who makes the item, number remaining, description link. (Not necesarily in that order)
18] Users should be able to use a search function on it.
19] The search function should provide options to filter by price, catagory, diskmaker.
20] The checkout section should offer additional services, such as labeling, premium case. These options should be treated like another catagory of item, to be added on to the purchase. (Therefore editable via the control panel). This catogory of item should not be viewable from the main selection, it should only appear after a user selects a product, and then it should appear in the same way normal items do in the other catagories.
21] It should keep a log of all transactions, but this is not required.

Now that you know all my requirements, let me keep you from discouragement by mentioning your reward.
When you tell me (Via PM or reply) that you will work on it, I'll give you 1% of your reward (5frih$)
When I'm sure you actualy are working on it, and have made progress, I'll give you 10% (50Frih$), and exclude others from accepting this job.
When you've completed it to my satisfaction I'll give you your remaining reward: 89%(445frih$)
If, when you're finished, I think it's inadiquate and I can argue that it does not satisfy one of the above conditions, I'll give you your remaining fee minus 10% per condition not met.

Any questions? PM me for a faster response.
There is no set time limit for you, but I'm also working on this, and If I finish before you do, you'll not get any more frih$ than I've already given you.
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