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Some feedback on 3 new sigs?

What do ya'll think about these three new sigs I made?

The second two sites are not yet operational, in case they had you interested.
I made these with the GIMP.
That's so boring... This is just not enjoyable! Sorry, try something more exciting! Make proof of ingenuity. Wink
way to big
You should try to keep them as simple as possible. People won't read something that's too long, especially if it's a banner. It should have something that atracts your attention, but don't try things that tire your sight (ie. a red-white-black flashing background)
The idea of the sites themselves are pretty attractive, so if you manage to state that in few words, you'll only have design left to care about Cool
Wish you good luck with the sites Wink
Quality is not so good...
lol these are not signatures they looks more like banners...
and even for banners this is pretty suck.. Sad

you should do them smaller..
make them more then just text on background... this is pretty boring..

try getting beter backgrounds- try to minimize the long texts and for god sack make them smaller!
ya make it a little smaller and its good
Very successful juxtaposition of unrelated typefaces. Professional look and feel.
Rico wrote:
Very successful juxtaposition of unrelated typefaces. Professional look and feel.

Thank you. It's nice to get a little positive feedback.
This is my opinion :

The Second One is great and is the best of them all

The background and the chosen Font fits with each other and fits the concept of the sig and this make it great overall.

Issues :


1. In My opinion 400*100 is a very good size for sigs.

2. A 1-pixel border causes a sig to look more professionslly-made one.

First One :

1. The background needs to change from being a solid color.

Suggestions : You can use a brush or any image you made before which can be a background (I also suggest that you use a more live color ).

2. You may need to have some more text effects or change some text color to make it a 10/10 in my opinion.

Second One :
(it is now a wonderful one but it is size makes it of a rare type of sigs that is not the best in my opinion)

1. Very small in height.

Suggestion : I suggest that you use the same background for a 100px height sig and put the text in a proper place as it is now.

2. Needs a model or any other eye catching and space utilizing element.

Last One :

1. The Color theme needs a small change ..

Suggestion : Maybe it will look better if the background color is a much darker one ..(Maybe Black)

2. The chosen 2d Effect (brush) that you used for the background is of an old style.. You can use another modern one or refine this one to look better (this is just my opinion).

3. I think when you use this amount of text it is better to change the size of the font for every seperated sentence or line (or you can change the font type for everyone)

This is just my opinion and I may be wrong.
I like the professionalism of the first one, but the second one catches my eye more. The third one just seems like it was rushed or something.
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