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Why my computer is still very slow????

i'm wondering what'w wrong with my computer, it was pentium 4, 2.6 GHZ with 1 GB DDR memory. Also its, video card is 128. i dont what is wrong with it. I placed two HDDs, one is 40GB and the other is 80GB, does it affec the performance of it my computer??
Do you have a virus and adware scanner?
If not i'd suggest Ad-aware for adware, Spybot search and destroy for spyware and AntiVir for virus's these are all freeware programs to remove the crap that messes up your pc. Smile
There can be some hardware or software problems. If the system is underpowered, then the performance will affect. What is ur mother board? If it support Raid on board, then do it, it will enhance the harddrive performance. It do affect the system performance. Since you have 1GB Ram, and 128MB graphics card, the system maybe powerful. Also check whether HDD is set to work in Ultra ATA mode.

Software problems are usually related to some softwares you installed on the system. Check with any startup program that how many things are loading during startup. Also you need to check the processor usage just after the system starting up. To do this right click on taskbar, and click on task manager, click on processes and click on CPU twice, then u can see the most CPU usage programs. Sometimes some buggy program may use the full CPU power, then u right click on it and end process. Then reinstall the program. This is a most common problem I have seen. The others are spywares and adwares. Simply do the scanning using different programs(Ad aware, Spybot SnD, Webroot spysweeper, Microsoft Defender)

Do try these and find out whether it solves the problem.
what are the available spyware and adware remover????
HijackThis is still the best available spyware/virus/adware removal program Very Happy . However this program is not a automatic malware remover - you have to remove those malwares manually. Expert advice is needed if you do not know what you have to do. You can download HijackThis from here. To do a scan using HijackThis, click the "Do a system scan and save a logfile". After a moment, the results will be presented in the application as well as in a Notepad file. Just copy the contents of the Notepad file as post it here (but remember to use quotes - do not be greedy about points Cool ). Someone who knows how to use HijackThis well will help you with removing the malwares.
marixworld wrote:
what are the available spyware and adware remover????

I would recomend Spyware Search and Destroy as Teddy1 did. I've been using it for quite a few years now and it never failed me before.

As for Anti-Virus, I will recomend Avast!. For a free home edition, you will need to register every year for a new serial code (yep its free registration as well).

Just becareful with the "Audio Warning" if you are using in a lab or some place like that. Unless you turn the feature off, it will "warn" you with a nice "Warning! Theres a virus on your computer.", in audio mode Smile.
(I once introduce it to someone, in a lab, and forgot to remind him bout this...few minutes later the whole lab knows his pc was infected)
I'd still recommend AVG Free for your antivirus, Ad-aware SE for Adwares, Spybot S&D for Spywares. and if you're an advanced computer user. Use HJT. And I'd suggest that you update your anti-malicious software (all that i've mentioned) regularly. Laughing This should keep you away from viruses
I didn't get to read many of the other posts, but I'm sure it is probably either spyware, adware, or some sort of virus. Maybe all of them!

Google Spybot S&D for spyware scanner, and Adaware SE Personal for the adaware. As for viruses, there are many great free antiviruses!
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