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Need Help With CSS

Thanks to SlowWalkere, My CSS problem was solved! Very Happy But there is another little one :

Another tiny problem. I think this one is much easier. How to make a button that would allow users, to download videos? For example : Scrool down and you'll see a button saying "Downlad This Video". If you simply make a button with a link, when you click on it, it opens up in a Video Player(Windows Media Player). You could tell your users to right click on the link of the video, and press save as target, but that doesn't feel so profesional. Thank you for your time. Please help.
I think the problem might be that you have <style> tags in the style sheet. You only include those when the styles are included in your <head> tag. With an external style sheet, you don't need any style tags.

I took the sheet, exactly as you had it, commented out the style tags, and it worked fine when viewed in Netscape. The links changed colors and style, and the font was the right font.

So give that a try. Good luck,
- Walkere
SlowWalkere, thank you soo much! I've spent about 5 hours trying to figure it out! Thank you, it really did work! Your the best!!! Cool But I still need help with downloading video part.
Pretty simple solution to your downloading problem. Two steps.
1. Put a link on your page to the file that you want to allow to be downloaded. for example:
<a href="/THE_MOVIE.avi">Download Me</a>

2. Put the file on the server. In this case I would put THE_MOVIE.avi on the server.

It's really as simple as that. Just make sure that the link connects to the right place on your server. In this case it THE_MOVIE.avi would just be in the main directory.

It also might be a good idea to zip the file first depending on the size of the thing to cut down on bandwidth usage.

Let me know how things turn out.
Well, I knew how to do that eruct. If you go on Explorer, when you press on the link going to a video, it automaticly opens up in Windows Media Player. On firefox, however, you have a choise: either to download it as a file, or play it with Windows Media Player. I want that button to automaticly download on Explorer and Firefox. Just like on this site
No. You misunderstood....

You have a link going to the video. Fine.

Then do what I said. On the link with the streaming video (or whatever you have) simply add another button that goes straight to the file.

Here is a test page that I setup. It allows you to download a .pdf file.
Here is the code for that page...
<a href="/">Download Me</a>

You are not making a link to a new webpage with a video on it. Just a link to the actual file on your server.
you could always put the movie in a compressed folder so it will automatically be downloaded and not played
I get it eruct, with a .zip, .rar, .exe. I know what your saying, but if you put a video file, it opens up in windows media player. A photo too, if dont right click and press "Save As Picture", and have a link of it, it wouldnt download, it would just show up in In Interent Explorer (of firefox). Try it with a video file, it wont work.
the problem is that there is a pool of predefined file-types which were opened with a compatible program (so basic configurations says: open videos with a video player!)

to avoid this or giving users the opportunity to save a video you could place a note like "To save video, click right mouse button -> Save As..."
I think I've found a way to force the download when the user clicks on the link. But, it'll take a very little bit of php to do it.

I found this tutorial, which gave me the idea.

Basically, php has a function header() which will send http headers to the user's browser. If you use a Content-Disposition header, you can set the file as an attachment and the browser will try to download it. To make sure that the browser doesn't just open it anyway, you can also change the application type by using a Content-Type header (normally, the type comes up as something the browser recognizes, which tells the browser to display it instead of download it).

Anyhow, with this knowledge in hand we can do what you want to do with a short script. This script will take input in the form of a $_GET variable, filename, which will be the filename passed through the link in the original site.

For now, I'll call the script download.php. It will contain a few lines, as follows...
if (isset($_GET['filename']))
  $filename = $_GET['filename'];
  header("Content-Type: application/force-download");
  header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"$filename\"");

Then, change the links in your original site to be...
<a href="download.php?filename=moviefile.wmv">

I tested this out with a flash movie as content and Netscape as a browser and it worked. It seems to work, so give it a try.

- Walkere
Thanks a lot SlowWalkere! It worked. Thanks a lot!! Smile ( this topic is done)
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