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Is anyone interested in theatre arts? favourite musical?

If anyone is interested in or involved in theatre arts I would be interested in hearing from you. I've currently just set up my own theatre company which has had a successful but small start and it may need some help to get it off the ground. Any advice?

Also.......favourite musicals?? name them!
favourite musical is for sure Phantom of the Opera, saw it several years ago in Minneapolis with the original cast. Cats, Lion King, and Les Miserables is great too. Smile Ohh, and Swan Lake! I can't say I have any advice for you specfically in relation to your question but I wish you the best of luck. Very Happy
My favorite musical is Les Mes--but if you do opera I think that Die Zauberfloete is an amazing opera and can be marketed to entire families. La Bohem is also classic and with the current rage around Rent, La Bohem can reassert its ingenuity.
My favorite ballet is "Kernmesse i Brügge" (don't know the translation) the music could be better
My favorite opera is La Traviata (Verdi of course) but Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) is growing inside me

Opera and musical comparison isn't that comparing Chaplin with 90210?
Avenue Q, hands down. Hysterical.
theatre arts... um, do you include dance performance ? i like dancing much. i am learning modern dance and chinese traditional dance. ~
Yeah, I love the theatre arts, I'm actually studying "Music Theatre Performance" at school. It's a wicked 3 year program devoted to acting, singing and dancing.

The best musical I've seen is probably "The Producers", but I love "Jesus Christ Superstar", which I've performed in. I also love Fiddler, but have yet to see it live.
I am kind of interested, I'm in the show choir at my high school and it's really fun, we're doing a musical this year again, yes! My favorite musical is Grease/High School Musical....I love those!!! MY favorites!!! Very Happy
Les Mis, Rent, Chicago & Avenue Q. With that, we got all sides of genre going Wink

Although, I admit I've fallen under the spell of Rent. My favorite by far right now, hands down.
No, I'm straight.
Rico wrote:
No, I'm straight.

No your narrowminded.

Les Mis is definetly my favorite..
Nopes, Theaters dont ring a bell in my year, although I come to hear a lot that theaters breeds talent.
Les Mis, of course. And Phantom of the Opera. Maybe it's cliche but I do love it.
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