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What is your best soccer player ?

What is your best soccer player ?

For me the best player is D.Maradona .

ronaldinho, deffinetly...
Bruno Kitsune
Ronaldinho, Rogério Ceni, and a lot of outhers players... if you speak the best player of all the times... Pelé
The best soccer players actually are: Davids (Inter Milan); Serginho (Milan); Ronaldinho (Barcelona); Rogerio Ceni (São Paulo); Vieri (Inter Milan); Robinho (Santos); Adriano (Inter Milan) and Grafite (São Paulo).

Of all the time are: Pelé, Eusébio (Portugal 66), Paolo Rossi (Italy 86,90), Jairzinho (Brazil 70) and Leonidas da Silva (Brazil 38 )
Don't have a single favourite but here a couple,

Shevchenko - AC Milan

Ronaldinho - Barcelona

Zidane - Real Madrid

Ronaldo - Real Madrid

Stam - AC Milan

Nedved - Juventus

There are a few others but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Maradona, Pele and Ronaldo. Very Happy
del aiero and klinsmann

they are the two most best player in my mine.
klinsmann is my 1st idol
del aiero is the 2nd
maybe the 3rd one is coming

forward players are more attractive to me, maybe i like goal
My opinion ;
Goalkeeper : Buffon

Defence : maldini , nesta , cafu , s. walter , r. carlos

mid : patric viera , alex (fenerbahçe) , totti

striker : vieri , shevchenko
I have a few soccer players that I really like.

Most of all, I prolly like Ronaldo from Real Madrid the most. Maybe it's because we got the same birthdate (not year), HAHA. Ronaldinho is awesome as well and Roberto Carlos also from Real is another one of my favourites.
Hoogeveense RAT
I think the best is Ronaldinho. I've never seen Maradonna, Pele and Cruijff. i can only know what I've seen.
1.shevchenko (ac milan)
2.adriano (inter milan)
3.ronaldinho (barcelona)
Lampard for me! The complete midfielder...scores, creates and doesn't cause any trouble.
adriano inter
ronldino barcelona
c.ronldo man und
I like focusing on Asia, so here are the best Asian soccer players:

Bayern Munich's Ali Karimi:

Hamburg's Mehdi Mahdavikia:

and my favourite is Vahid Hashemian from Hannover:

There are so many to mention, but these are the best right now, just wait until the World Cup and you will see how they do Smile
1) Cristiano Ronaldo
2) Rooney
3) Giggs
4) Scholes
Healckles wrote:
The best soccer players actually are: Davids (Inter Milan); Serginho (Milan); Ronaldinho (Barcelona); Rogerio Ceni (São Paulo); Vieri (Inter Milan); Robinho (Santos); Adriano (Inter Milan) and Grafite (São Paulo).

Of all the time are: Pelé, Eusébio (Portugal 66), Paolo Rossi (Italy 86,90), Jairzinho (Brazil 70) and Leonidas da Silva (Brazil 38 )

Hey man with all respect to brazilian players, I've got the impression you only counted players from a certain perdiod of time (except ronaldinho) and that have played in brazil ....

I think there have been astonoshing layers everywhere on earth but the focus is almost always on european an south americab players ...

but that's a troll....
for me the best player ever is Maradona, second best are Platini and Zidane. Fourth best is timoumi fromMorocco (see world cup 1986)

Pelé could have been a good player and he wa scertainly talented, won a whole lot of world cups and been a very fine, one of the most entertaining of all time ... His big problem , and it's a big problem, is that he thinks he's the best and he acts so... I find this really disappointing from someone who calls himself a star ...
ronaldinho gaucho, robinho, zidane
ummm the 15 year old dude
actually? I think it's Ronaldinho with sheva, gerrard and lampard.

Maradona it's the best player in the history with pelé and cruyff
my favorite soccer player is
Eric Cantona
he is the best for me
hmm the best player in history or the best player now??

in history:
-Marco van Basten
-Eric Cantona
-Kazimierz Deyna

-Paolo Maldini
-Andrij Shevchenko
-Gianluigi Buffon
-Ryan Giggs
-Alan Shearer
bankrupt wrote:
ummm the 15 year old dude

Freddy Adu?

I would have to say Ronaldinho for the best player at the moment. He's the best midfielder I've seen since Zidane. If only Manchester United could have completed that transfer...
My favaourite is Roberto Carlos...
i have 2...

maradona and pelle...

i love those 2...

and now ronaldinho..
Maradona Very Happy
Pelé, the king!
Ronaldinho is best
1: Henry (Arsenal)
2:ronaldinho (barcelona)

that's about all i can think off.

btw, if you can't guess, my favorite team is arsenal.
Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roy Makaay Exclamation
I think that rooney is an maazing player. hes not the best the world has ever seen but he is pretty remarkable. i think that as he gets older and more experienced he will become a lot better. other than that, pele was amazing. much better than diego maradonna
george best was amazing as well. if he had played for a bit longer and not retired so early he could well have been the worlds greatest player
-El Diego
-Van Basten
-Naser Hejazi
-Javad Nekonam
-Iman Mobali
Zinedine Zidane is the best Soccer Player (modern fottball),also Maradona for the classic football
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