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Help I am Depressed

I have had the worst couple of days ever. I am currently in my summer holidays which are coming to a close. i am expecting to get drum lessons off a friend who has said would call and was very interested (i gave 2 texts) no reply!!!I am also waiting a replt from another friend whom i asked about forming a jazz band and yet again no reply. I also send a message to a girl whom i have liked for some time. I really thought i might have a chance with her and that we may have some things in common. I know that she has been online and read my message but she has not replied. i know she has replied to other peoples messages that were posted after mine. "£$%^. I mean can a person have the decency to say (no im not interested or what What is up???Can everyone see through me or sumthing? Why?... Nobody is answering and i am getting paranoid about check my phone and computer for messages..... i feel like %£$& and feel like getting stoned or drunk to distract myself and float away from this stupid world. I know that there are people in much worse situations but i am so depressed right now. I feel like i am see through and nobody gives a crap... it would be a miracle if anybody views this page. Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil
Terrasis-Cian wrote:
I have had the worst couple of days ever....

Not knocking your pain, man...But life gets a lot worse than some people letting you down. Hopefully, it's just a time thing, and those people will get back to you shortly. The thing is, don't count on others for your happiness.

I know this sounds pretty callous, and I am sorry, but just try to get through the rough WILL get better.
I've had times when I've felt just like you do, so I know how tough it can be. I don't recommend getting drunk or stoned, as I feel you should face your problems head-on. As HoboPelican already mentioned, it will get better; all you have to do is just survive until you can sort out your emotions or until your friends start treating you in a more positive manner. Trust me, it's not easy, but you'll get through it.
Citizen Kane
You can always try to call the people who left no reply. That way you make a statement to them to take you seriously. THis might help build your conidence in yourself...
You have to look deeper than the stimulus you think is making you depressed. You’ve been let down before, no? People have even broken promises to you, yes? Did these things plunge you into depression?

It sounds like you’ve had a lonely summer holiday and feel rejected because the usual crowd hasn’t been around. You want what everybody wants, companionship and a sense of belonging. These individuals you call “friends”, are they really friends or are they merely acquaintances. I think you need to reevaluate what your definition of “friend” is because it seems that you invest too much energy in individuals that does not reciprocate in kind.

About the girl; their sole purpose is to drive us crazy. That’s why we can’t live without them. Count yourself fortunate if she only made you depressed. A girl once drove a Dutch guy to cut his ear off. His name is Vincent Van Gogh. So you’re O.K. buddy, just hang in there.
life just seems to let you down at times but other times you will find how happy and wonderful life can be. Its just good to vent out your feelings and say instead of what you mentioned of getting stoned and drunk. This way you don't have everything bottled inside of you.
Just to thank you all for being so nice. I guess i made things out to be a bit worse than they were. Now i feel much better having read your replies and when i look back at the days before i feel stronger. I guess you cant just think about the moment you have to give things time.It wasn't so bad. It looks like there are people out there who do care after all :
Terrasis-Cian wrote:
Just to thank you all for being so nice. I guess i made things out to be a bit worse than they were. Now i feel much better having read your replies and when i look back at the days before i feel stronger. I guess you cant just think about the moment you have to give things time.It wasn't so bad. It looks like there are people out there who do care after all :
Really glad you are doing better Very Happy
I used to get really depressed back in the old days. You know, wallow in how bad my life was, listen to Bruce Springsteen records, mope a bit. I think it is fine to wallow a bit. Do some introspection and feel the dark side. It's just bad if you do it to excess.

Anyway, welcome back!
Whenever I feel depressed I remember this quote from somewhere : I used to complain about the state of the shoes on my feet until I met a man who had no legs. Try a dose of Chicory from Bach's flower remedies or go shopping and buy something nice for yourself.
The depression is part of our lifes, we must carry to become really mature persons.
glad you are not feeling so depressed, it deffinately dose hapen and dose come in waves somtimes sometimes I think even us men have a type of invisible PMS that is just a kid of emotional rush in the wrong directions it might not be monthly but it deffinately dose pop up now and then, and depending on th situation it can feel like thworld has turned its back on you, but when it comes again and it will just remeber you are who you are when you happy and when you sad its just various emotions dominating your mood and sometimes the people around us are not always sensitive to wive side of the mood wave we are ridding and their actions could hurt you in different ways but as long as you always have your mind wrapped around this tendancy you will never need to get drunk or stoned just to run away from your problems, infact never do anything else like drugs or licker when you have problems as this is a sign of weakness and it deffinately dose not solve anything rather deal with the problems head on.

good luck and cheers for now

a trip to the strip bar will cure all depression. Twisted Evil
You'll be right, just hang in there. You will have many ups and downs in life. The higher you climb the further you fall.
Man get over it. If you rely on other peoples actions to make you happy, then guess what? You'll never be happy! People not returning calls happens to the best of us. It could be that she wants more time to sit down and actually think out what she wants to say to you. All i'm saying is there could be alot of reasons why they didn't return your call; some good some bad.
Think positive. There are reasons why things don't go your way. Maybe they are not meant to happen in your life. Try other things. If you don't get to form a band, find another group of people to form a band with. Don't tell me you don't have other friends who are just as talented. If she doesn't reply you, she's not interested. Try other girls. There are a lot of fish on the sea. Just lay down your harpoon and catch the good ones. If you still fail, don't bother trying. Do other things. Don't waste your time. Smile
Times like those come and goes. The only thing you have to do is not to worsen it.

God gives equal shares of happiness and surrows to everybody. It all depends on how you take it. It is very important to take your life positively. Life has a lot to offer and you always have a long way to go.

When one door closes, God immediately opens a second door......but sometimes we tend to look at the closed door for so long that we don't realize that a second door has already been opened for us. This is something that creates surrows. I know you are troubled but try and look at the happy side of everything and be positive.

If you don't value your life and yourself, how are others supposed to value you? Take life as a very precious gift and always keep smiling from the heart.

Lastly, think positive and be optimistic. There isn't a problem in this world which can't be solved.
What's w/ all the messaging first of all. Try calling a person...especially a girl you like...she probably thinks you're a wuss, b/c you IM'd or text msgd her instead of calling.

2nd, it sounds like you are self-medicating a potentially threatening mental old are you? Between the ages of 15 and 19 I would imagine...please talk to someone...this is not should get some help...please
I have days where I feel like I'm invisible. I know exactly what you mean because I felt like this last week. My best advice is to relax and give it another day or two. Sometimes it just happens that you catch people at bad times.
There are these type of times for everyone but dont let yourself down with it. I am sure there are a hundred and one reason to be living and kicking in this world. You know, if people dont respond to you then to hell with them. There will always be enough people to make your life worth it.
make some new friends mate.... lots more! and don't feel bad when people don't reply... just relax and let them come to you... if they don't just keep ya head up and try do stuff to take your mind of it...
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