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How can I build my fitness and stamina?

I really need to build up my fitness and stamina. I was just wondering if anybody knew the best way to gain this. I really don't have time to go to the gym, but could probably find time to do approx 30 - 45 mins per day, either jogging or exercise.

I do play badminton once a week, and I am just starting to play football again, after playing for 45 mins I found out that I really am getting old (3Cool and unfit.

What would be the best way to achieve results??

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
I know a number of great ways to improve your fitness/stamina....

1. Skipping - Skipping in my opinion is the most valuable excersise when attempting to increase stamina. Once you master the basic skipping motion, then you can go on skipping until you are completely out of breath. And then repeat. Skipping also builds hand-speed, co-ordination and dexterity.

2. Cycling - A good cycle is as good as a run any day. Plus, running on concrete/ a hard surface can be damaging to your knees and ankles. Cycling is a safe fun way to increase fitness.

3. Sandblasting - This is running on sand. Unfortunately, for this you need to be living near a beach! But, running in dry sand will tire you out quickly and build your stamina.

There are many other excersises too, and you can also just run... But, I would urge you to run on a track, grass or sand. When jogging/cycling always keep your heart-rate up for 12 minutes or more. Only then will your stamina properly increase. Keep up the motion, even if you are barely above walking pace!

Good Luck! Wink
He's a tip: do leg strengthening exercise before you run so all the ATP (I forgot what the immediate energy compound is called) gets burnt out so when you start running, you use your fat resources immediately.
Hmm, shortcuts don't work (not long-term) and often cause injury.

Definitely start slow and build up. Find a sport or an activity you can do regularly (3 times per week) like running, walking, swimming, a sport, etc. and do that. Figure out what you can do and start building on it. Maybe you can only jog at a 5 mile-per-hour pace for 15 minutes at first. Well start with that and keep challenging yourself to do more each time (more time, more speed, etc).

There are only two keys to making a program work:
Sticking with it and making changes as necessary to stick with it
Not getting injured by doing too much or forgetting to warm up your muscles before exercising intensely.

Don't forget calisthenics (resistance exercises that use your own body weight as the resistance). Pushups, abdominal crunches, lunges, and others are great muscle builders for sports that don't require massive power (like being a lineman in football).
do interval training, fartlek innit?
Walk everywhere you need to go. Or cycle if you need to get there quickly.
Try weight training and HIIT cardio for optimum long term fitness.These combined will increase your metabolism and cardioviscular health to the extreme.
What I do was running and swimming.
fitness and stamina? boxing is the answer. boxing my son. stop the badminton do the boxing make time for it.
Well.. about the fitness.. you can go to the gym (not every day !!) 3 times in a weak... and that will build your musculed (better will be with a teacher that start with you).
second thing.. u can work at home... some exercies to the hand..
U can run close to you home to build the stamina.. and you leg's muscules.
You can try rambling too, walking very long distances can get you in shape and increase your stamina while viewing a nice landscape. I you don't have enough time you can try sports that work a lot of muscles and stamina like boxing(is not necesary to fight with other person) or swimming . And try not to smoke, experience has told me that smoking kills your stamina really really fast.
Yeah i agree on boxing. Its really good. But you need discipline. You need to push on when you're tired and not simply stop. Cos boxing tires you down really quickly and easily. Cheers and happy training. Wink
Well I my self do running for fitness and stamina. Its really an excercise for all your muscles and not just your arms or feet. and if i do get time i climb mountains that really builds stamina. But it all depends on your taste if you simply want to run or have some other game . Just do something and you will be fit.
Read "Military Field Manual 21-20".

It is the military fitness program. It offers many options and much knowledge.

Here it is for free.
Fitness and stamina are easy to build up, it just takes some effort and hard work. You have to have dedication and get off your computer once in awhile or it's never gunna happen. The first thing you need to do is run. Run, Run, Run. If your looking to be quicker or faster run short distances on the track, but run enough to get in good shape, and run a mile or two once in awhile to build endurance, but if your wanting to stay quick dont run long distances to often.
Jog around the football field for 45 minutes per day.
Boxing builds up your speed and stamina and it builds up your biceps, shoulders and ect.
Football speeds up your stamina and speed and builds up your leg muscles.

i am also do running for fitness and stamina. I am taking help of gym, gym is near to my home but if you have problem then i support boxing.
you have to make plan of your activities, and then you have to make that plan become true
circuit training like cross fit. non-stop exercise in 30 second intervals...short rest (heavy reps).
You can also increase your stamina by having health and balanced diet. Food and nutrients are essential for improving your stamina. The most important nutrient groups for improving circulation and heart health are foods rich in antioxidants, B-complex vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.
Nice posts. I also want to rejuvinate my stamina starting this year... hopefully starting today.
Had stopped due to personal circumstances, and then utter laziness, and lack of motivation as well.

Hopefully today, I will start again, and in a few days, do the boxing, as well as circuit training.
A lot of good suggestions have already been given here. However, let me add my two cents:
A really grueling ab workout does increase your fitness and stamina in the long run (and perhaps your strength in general). Nevertheless, such a workout by itself will not work. You must regularly go running, swimming, etc. And even playing any kind of outdoor sport doesn't hurt.
Thanks for all the helpful suggestion.

Anyone know of a good website where I can refer to ?
Jogging for about half an hour a day must be good enough. Jogging helps improve the stamina and also allows you a lot of time to think about things that matter in your life, and many a times, one can find a solution to his problems by some positive thoughts flowing in the morning while jogging. Smile hope this helps.
I've been jogging for last 3 years - instead of improving my stamina, I think it's draining my energy. I lose all my motivation to do anything after 5-6 miles of jog 4-5 days a week.
its simple... you just need to work hard
keep on trying. Running helps to build stamina.[br]my tip: eat alot of eggs and food high in calorie. They help increase energy content of the body.
hello....i want to knw how can i increase my stamina ,endurance and speed in running...m regularly going fr running but aftr running 3rnd f d track ,pain is arises frm my back me .....give me best possible way to overcome it...i have too complete 16oomtr in 6min30 sec ...tell me wat i can do?
The best thing is that the stamina workout must be done only 3 times a week alternating days and it only takes about 20 minutes!

What you do is sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds straight. And by sprint I mean SPRINT. Run as hard as you possibly can for 30 seconds straight. Then after the 30 seconds, just walk for about 2-3 minutes. Repeat this 4-7 times for a workout. I guarantee your stamina will significantly increase within 2 weeks since this workout puts such a large strain on your cardiovascular system; sending it into crisis mode.

You'll increase your speed and stamina significantly at the same time! Best of luck to you.
Running in excess may cause damage to the joints.
Walking does not damage the joints. So walk along!
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