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Personality Tests

Do any of you ever take online personality/iq tests? Do you think they are worth anything or are just a waste of time?
I am hooked on them (not now, but often). and have some of the best ones. There's another place that I cannot remember that is great, especially because you don't have to pay to get your full results.
They're fun because sometimes they open your eyes to something you didn't notice and sometimes they are so off you have a good laugh.
What do you think?
I dont think they types of online test should be taken seriously to be honest. I think there just more for a laf.
I have completed a few test like that, that friends have send to me over email, but only just out of pure
Yes, I have done those tests but didnt get the response I would have had expected to.

Like, I do well at school, and am intelligent enough among the students of my class, but a score of 109 from the IQ Test Labs,,
doesnt seem to satisfy me.

Tell me about your scores as well, my fellow Frihosters.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Basit
here is a test that was mentioned awhile ago in these forums (can't find it or I would quote it), but here is the link:

not far off mark, as far as these types of tests can be anyway. Enjoy!
I have before but I didn't think much of them. They were totally wrong on me.
ah another test to fail! LOL!
I think they're fun to take, but usually have little practical value. You could get almost any result and find SOME bits that apply to yourself, simply because you're looking for them. However, they're still entertaining and great to compare with friends.
many of these test are bullshit
I enjoy taking personality tests but I don't take them quite seriously. It's just for spare time and for fun.
Don't waste your lives!!! If you don't know your own personality you'd better sart spending more time finding out instead of clicking buttons!
They are wastes of time. The test has to be made for each age. A 5 year old and a 20 year old shouldn't be taking the same test because or the age difference, experience, and knowledge.
yeah, online tests like that are usually really inaccurate and if you want to find out your IQ it's better to just find a reputable company around the area where you live and have them administer a test to you in person--that way, you'll be sure of it. Razz
I've done a lot of those online personality/IQ tests. In fact I was addicted to them once upon a time.

They are great if you are bored out of your mind and you have nothing but access to the internet. As far as accuracy and credibility, I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Sure they claim they have this many phD's work on them and they are certified, but they are still just a form of entertainment.

For one, it's easy to cheat on those, whether consciously or not, and convince yourself "well I was doing this when I was doing it so it doesn't count, lemme do it over," or "I wasn't sure about what i chose for that question, and the test not resulting in what I believe is really because of that."

I don't completely discredit them though. Sure some might give you a pretty good ballpark. And such surveys made from yes no questions to assess a situation aren't that bad either.

Still, I'll just say, look at it just as a form of entertainment and don't take it TOO seriously o.ov

(Although I will always swear a guy friend of mine's gender test scores that resulted in saying he is highly feminine is 100% accurate, but shhh)
I've been known to take my fair share of personality test. Though I am fully aware not to take a result literally or seriously and base my actual personality on some result, it is interesting to see how others would view you.

I am of the belief that everyone cares somewhat about how others see them, even if you think you don't, there is going to be that one person where you feel you have to be better than them, or cool enough. Stupid, yes, but it's reality. Therefore, that is why I think personality quizzes, test, poll are extremely popular.

I mean who wouldn't what to know what elemential anime fairy princess color they are? Laughing
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