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Monitor question !

i brought a new LCD 15" acer monitor. but i always see a small dot in a top left corner. what is the problem. the dot is visible only in a black or a dark background. Sad
I think I can help ya with that problem. Your monitor isn't broken. That's just normal when you get a flatscreen. It's a broken pixel, e.g. a transistor inside the monitor doesn't work. So this pixel always remains white, it can't switch to another color. Of course, you can't see a white thing on white background, so it's still there although you can't see it. There is a certain tolerance aobut that problem, so if it's just one point, there's no chance to do it on warranty, sry. My 17inch Videoseven has got a red one in the right corner on the bottom. If you get a chance to bring your monitor back, do it, otherwise, you'll have to live with it, because it's a general problem about flatscreen.

BTW OT: I wouldn't get a 15" nowadays. 17" aren't that much more expensive, you know. Here in Germany you almost can't get monitors with less than 17'"...

Hope, I could help ya with that...
i should contact my service man in this issue this is a new monitor Sad
Yeah, my laptop has a blue one in the middle of the screen, so I know how you feel. However, there's simply nothing you can do about it without replacing the whole thing.
It's called a "Dead Pixel"

I sent my laptop in for repair and when they sent it back they did something to the screen but my pixel is completely dead you can't see any colors in it at all.

A pixel is based of the 3 primary colors. RED BLUE YELLOW. (I think) then if red and yellow go out you have a blue dead pixel. for you I would guess they are almost out but not completely. that is why it is so dark or your yellow doesn't work.

I would contact them if it is still on a warrenty, but this is why LCD screens are so expensive I think only 70% of them make it off the market without a dead pixel. The rest of them have to be trashed because they have dead pixels. another reason is the boards that power them are also very expensive but I don't know why.
thanx alot ya man
Not really worth worrying about, if you have a lot of these it may be worth returning it but one isnt worth returning it for.
i got the monitor replaced today Very Happy
Then you're lucky man! There are monitors on the market that have a guarantee about these Dead Pixels but usually there is a certain tolerance in which you'll have to live with it...
I really am surprised that they replaced the monitor over one dead pixel. Many no-name corporations have a policy that dictates you must have at least five before they will authorize a replacement. You are one lucky geek, indeed!

Xeniczone wrote:

It's RGB = Red Green Blue. Close though...

I am suprised you got a new one too. Most companies will only exchange if there are 7 or more dead pixels.

BTW, there are ways to remove dead pixels; GOOGLE IT! Cool
i used the old monitor for only 5 days it was a new piece.
@psycosquirrel: Are there really possibilities to remove dead pixels??? Never heard about that.... But actually every LCD screen I know has got at least one... A friend of mine claimed that his monitor would never ever have a dead pixel because he told me that he owns the very best... It had one dead pixel though..
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