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Think about others

Tonight I recieved a single, useful personal educates.

What I havrvested more is not what teacher said but how people around me treat me. I have a principle, thinking about what people will think before doing everything, thus, to understand others.

The origin meanings of education requires us a perfect moralities, then perfect moralities include understanding others. So, to do so is usually not regarded as just a principle, but responseible.

A comple experiences of reading and thinking leads me to an unusually thought. many times, I don't like most people like, I don't think it's important while others think conversely. This cause a great gulf between me and previous generations, even some of the current youth. This is so-called treasonous.

Doing what I like and throwing up what I dislike is the product of my treasonous minds. Throught tonight's experience, I undestood what I havedone, thought before worried others very much. Yes, I accept I'm disobeying my principle. The teachers, parents might have thought many ideas, but while the ideas met me, my headiness would refuse them as non-understanding me, maybe it's false now, I regarded parent's words as rubbish.

Now I beleve, a persong's growing can't leave actual thinking, a so-called treasonous thinking may be just childish. A clearly analysis is where we should grow to.
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