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Friends should be friends forever

It is widely known that it's helpful of friends when meeting difficulties.

Everyone has his own understandings of friendship. So do I. A friend in my mind shold know about me, execuse me at any time. Friends may not stay together all the time, but they miss each others.

Ten years ago, Tang stepped into my life. We talked so much, played together and helped each other in study. There might be a phrase to describe us - body and shadow could not be separated.

Why must happy time be so short? One year later, he left. At that night I cried because he didn't even left anything for me.

Serveral years passed. I haven't heard from him at all. Would he forget me? I often thought.

I learned much more about friendship with growing up. I'm acting out an activity, happy person, but in fact, I'm lonely. Few people know about me, we just make jokes all the day night. Although I can get happy from those jokes, when night comes, a strong feelings of loneliness rush out of me - there's no one to speak to heart to heart, no one to share ideas.

Sometimes I wondered if it was too strict to be friends with others, and what real friend is, until one day someone told me, friends should be friends forever.
I believe friends should be friends forever, and this Tang guy will never forget you he is just bad at keeping in touch and mybe right now does not know how to get in touch maybe you should slip him a note or a call some time and see how things develop from there.

true freinds never forget, you can correct me if I am wrong but by reading your post I would say you are not only missing having a friend that truely understands you are missing Love/relationship and thats another type of friend but a friend as well.

I might be totally wrong so please dont take offence I dont mean any harm.

It also depends on the age group....even if friends want to be friends forever, there methods of communication are limited by parents/caregivers or even just having the money to go out and make long distance calls every so often etc.
And sometimes, you are not friend anymore, because the other guy got dumb, or did something you don't approve, and if you had to be friends forever, this would be a problem because how to be friend with someone who got dumb?
I think, friends should be friends as long as they are friends; but when they are not friends anymore, then they should not be friends anymore.
By every reasonable means possible, friends should remain friends forever, if their friendship is a genuine and worthwhile one.
Da Rossa
The empathy is very difficult to understand. Some people show up in your life, lets use this as an example: you're a boy, then a very nice, pretty girl crosses you way. You both do the same activity, then you quickly become friends. The girl is astonishingly beutiful and hot, but you seem not to care. You carry the friendship on along the time without ever looking with... 'hungry eyes' at her, while others would give everything for a sex night with her. If you can trust her and vice-versa, then you're friends. The underline is to distinguish a friend from a "friend". Then, you become ill and is at the hospital. If she's there on the first day to see you, then she's a friend. The same applies in case she's the victim.

Ok, could you figure this 'friend' out? It's been a short time since you met each other, but she could do in some weeks what other "friend" would take years to accomplish. People like this, that instantly are in touch with you, are valuable. Do not confuse, because the false/interested ones can fit the same description.

Now, some weeks have passed and your lovely friend gives you the bad news: she would move to another city. She goes. You both say goodbye each other and exchange a long hugh.

5 years later, she's back, for any reason. You're still working at the same place and she's transfered to your office. Now, the final test: would you treat her exactly like before? I know people change with time, but what she did for you had a lot of significance. So, let's say you do it. So, it means you've just sealed a real friendship with somebody reliable. The empaty you 2 had at the beginning evolved to a great loyalty. Don't let'em go.
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