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Mac OS x 10.4 on PC.

It is illegal to use OS X on a PC. Wink
{name here}
Rocky3478 wrote:
It is illegal to use OS X on a PC. Wink

Not necessarily. You can use OS X on a PC if Apple didn't put some certain things in the setup process to prevent PC installation(since much more money can be made from locking in an OS to a single platform Rolling Eyes ). However, it is illegal to use a cracked version.
You got to admit, making the Mac OS available to the PC woulb be interesting. - digital convergence seems to run over all barriers.

As a video editor, on PC systems, I find myself losing work to Mac FCP editors, primarily because Steve Jobs has convinced so many people that Final Cut Pro is 'the' system to work on. (Having worked projects on FCP, it is a good app, but Avid and Premiere Pro are both great editing apps as well.

I will most likely get an intel Mac as my next box so I can run both FCP and PPro, the latter my main editor. But I noticed hardware-wise that as appealing as the new macbooks are, cnet hammered them for using cheaper parts to get the price down than their pc counterparts.

As Macs get closer to PC's, some of Steve Jobs' PC bashing may come back at him, and some of us would love to see the Mac OS run more openly.
Just a quick thing about avid... its nice... IF you can get it working well and stable.
Sorry, This is illegal to install Mac OS X on PC.

It states it clearly in the Mac OS X lisence that you must agree to before you can install.

It states that this OS will not be installed on a platform other then that autherized or branded by Apple.

Their is nothing special about Mac OS X install it is the Mac format. The disks are formatted in a mac format which a normal bios PC computer can't read. Then the crack is just you have to burn it so that it is in the universal format, and it will support all the intel and Amd cpus with sse 3 not just the intel core duos.

Don't beleave me buy some cheap cd or ebay like a game I used my mac install cd and tony hawk pro skater run fine in my mac but it shows I have no files on my bios PC.
It is most certainly illegal!

If this line of topic continues I will not hesitate to:

1) Lock the topic
2) Recommend most partcipants for a ban for attempting, or abiding in the use of cracks/warez.

End of Story.
Hi everyone,
I'm sorry I posted the earlier message in this forum about getting OS X to work on a pc. I didn't realize it was illegal to do it. Can the forum mods or admins delete that thread? Thanks.
You can run windows on a mac, but you can't run mac on a windows Very Happy, a good thing i think, because otherwise there would be a lot more virusses for macs and now there aren't any!
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