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Crossing Pacific

this is the first time i'm writing my own novel in English, thank you for your reading...

The swallows used not to attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean, they live in relative small area and rely on small animals.
There was once a happy swallow¡¯s family living under a woman¡¯s house. Every day the old woman feeds them on time. While the old woman coming near, the four little swallows ¨C Trimple, Malah, Goodie and Sheley wave their uncover-feather wings.
The mother told the little babies stories every night, once the mother said, ¡°There¡¯s a kind that can cross the pacific by eating fishes and drinking fresh water from sea.
¡°Mom, can we cross the ocean?¡± Trimple asked.
¡°Did Sheley?¡± Sheley asked childishly.
¡°Yes, all of you can.¡± Mother seemed to play jokes.

Many months later, the nest was to crowed and the old woman was sick to feed them, she was reaching her end. The four little swallows grew up to the strong ones, it was timely for them to be independence. They were making their ideals come true.
After the impatient saying-goodbye to their mother, they flew up to the sky straightly, enjoying the flesh air, blue sky and free flying. What would happen then still remained unpredictability£¨²»¿ÉÔ¤Áϵģ©.
They were divided to two groups by themselves, one contained Trimple and Goodie. Sheley, the only female, was loved by Malah. The two groups flew over land by land, they didn¡¯t know where the sea was, and neither did their mother. They only knew the sea was in the east, so they just flew east.
One day when they were flying over a farm, a hunter stood still, it interested Trimple, Trimple flew down to dance to the man, he thought the man before him was friendly to him, but¡­Bang! He didn¡¯t know human-being is always cruel!
Trimple straightly went down. Fortunately, just his wings were hurt a little. Suffering from terrible pain, he still flew as quickly as he can. Goodie lifted up Trimple by his back so that Trimple could run away danger. Goodie got extremely tired after several hours¡¯ flying. Trimple realized that, shouted loudly:
¡°Put me down, Goodie. I can fly myself.¡±
¡°If you can fly, you must have flew by yourself earlier. No, I won¡¯t let you fly.¡±
¡°But you are tired!¡±
¡°Tired? Don¡¯t you know how strong I am? You see, I can fly higher.¡± Goodie tried to fly higher, but suddenly, Goodie¡¯s wings stopped waving. They fell down from sky. This had been seen by Sheley and Malah, they came to the poor Trimple and Goodie. At last, they landed safely.
The next few days Trimple was carried by Goodie, Malah and Sheley by turns. Every time Goodie carried Trimple, he didn¡¯t stop until nearly fainted£¨ÔιýÈ¥£©.
The flying saw endless. On day, they saw a group of swallows flying south. Malah asked one of the swallows:
¡°Where do you fly to and why so rapidly?¡±
¡°Are you a swallow then? Or just a stupid? Winter is coming, we¡¯re moving south. Do you want to be frozen?¡± said a swallow arrogantly£¨°ÁÂýµØ£©,flying away.
¡°Hey, let¡¯s go home, it may be very cold over sea!¡± Malah suggested.
Goodie and Sheley hesitated, ¡°Go back home?¡±
¡°No, I won¡¯t.¡± said Trimple firmly, ¡°we have the common ideal since youth, it¡¯s not worth giving up halfway.¡±
¡°Do you want us to die?¡± Malah shouted.
The silence.
The next morning when Sheley firstly wakened, she found Trimple disappear, leaving a feather pointing to east.
Sheley¡¯s eyes were full of tears, she understood everything.
Malah come to Sheley, whispering.¡± Shall we go now, darling? Trimple has gone, we can¡¯t catch him, can we? And you, Goodie?¡±
¡°OK, it remains only we two.¡± Malah smiled.
Malah and Sheley set off then. In their way home, Sheley became taciturn£¨³ÁĬ¹ÑÑԵģ©. The thing happened again, Sheley left silently without noticing. Sheley had decided to catch Trimple Malah was regretful, in a loneliness night, Malah fell from the tree. Maybe the heaven was the most suitable place for him to be.
Trimple¡¯s single life was difficult. The winter brought the hardest period to him, he couldn¡¯t find any insects because the snow covered all the earth. He got more and more hungry and cold. God didn¡¯t have the heart to kill the poor swallow, at his extreme time, he saw a nest under a house! The owner of the nest must have moved to south, the nest was empty!
The house which Trimple lived under lived 7 children. They jumped up and down all the day, which made Trimple recall his three brothers and sister. ¡°Where are they?¡± he thought.
At this time, Goodie and Sheley were on their way to Trimple, they believed they would find Trimple in any cases.
Trimple was waiting for weather turning better, he looked out the window, staring at the crowed dark sky until one day he saw a familiar shadow flying over. He flew up to sky.
¡°Goodie, are you there?¡± He shouted.
¡°Yes? Trimple? Is it you?¡± Goodie surprised.
¡°It¡¯s me, look! It¡¯s me!¡± Trimple couldn¡¯t believe his eyes.
¡°I have searched you for a long time, where had you been?¡±
¡°I¡¯m living in a man¡¯s house, they welcome me very much. How were Sheley and Malah?¡±
¡°Sheley and Malah? They might have arrived at home!¡±
¡°That¡¯s good!¡± Through the relaxed words, Goodie read the sadness and disappointment from Trimple¡¯s eyes. Trimple was always caring about Sheley.
Our poor Sheley, now was attacked by hunger, cold and fears. Without the dream, she might not insist for such long time. Whenever she thought she was dying. Trimple¡¯s face would come to her mind, she became optimistic then. Brave and optimistic as she was, she couldn¡¯t prevent her body from getting down. Like a heavy stone, she fell down to an old tree. A hunter saw that, he caught Sheley and took her home.
Sheley cam alive hours¡¯ later. Around her was a pair of curios eyes, and also, the cage. She had heard about what the cage was. Being in the cage meant losing freedom, she intended no resistance because she know a small animal like swallow would never defeat human-being. She only sited silently, staring everything passing by.
At a morning, the cage was taken away. The hunter¡¯s sun took the cage with the bird in as present to his girlfriend.
¡°Wow! How beautiful the swallow is! Look at it¡¯s tail! Like a scissor!¡± the girl said.
¡°But why not put it to the nest over there? They might be friends!¡± a child asked her elder sister.
¡°It¡¯s in the tale, dear. They don¡¯t know each other in fact. Let¡¯s play with it!¡± the big girl said.
Sheley paid no attention to children¡¯s persiflage£¨¶ºÀÖ£©. Shortly, the children lost their interests, going away.
The nest that the little child mentioned was not far away, it was just opposite this house. She looked at that nest all the day, hoping there was someone there talking. One day, she saw a swallow flying out. What a familiar shadow! Isn¡¯t that Goodie? Sheley thought. She firstly opened her mouth since she was caught,
Like being burst, Goodie turned round slowly. Once one lived far from home, he met the townsman with gladness beyond description£¨ÎÞ·¨ÐÎÈÝ£©, much more the brother? Goodie stared at Sheley for a moment, keeping silent. He rushed to the nest. Few seconds later, Trimple came out.
This had been seen by the children¡¯s grand-mother, she was a kind woman. She came to open the cage and let Sheley fly.
Without the hardship, they couldn¡¯t get together. Without the hardship, they might not know each other more. As we often think, hardship only brings unlucky and pain. In fact, hardship proves the honesty of affections£¨Çé¸Ð£©. Only the ones who have suffered from difficulties know how valuable the affection is.
The three set off together again, they became more close.
Winter is no horrible if you dare face it. The three went through the strong wind, heavy snow, did what others dare not do.
They reached the seaside at last. They found they had grown up, and became stronger. They were no longer what they used to be.

¡°The blue sea! ¡° Shouted Sheley loudly.
¡°We are coming, sea!¡±
Full of energy, wide as to cover the world, the Pacific Ocean uses it¡¯s special beauty attract the three. The wind blew softly, they were about to step into the new world.

Though they had had the mental preparation of the sea¡¯s size, the sea is incredible big all the same. At first they felt exciting, but then boring, tiring. Many days¡¯ flying used up there energy. They hadn¡¯t found any islands, so they hadn¡¯t eaten anything.
The most terrible problem was not the hunger but the disappointment. What they was told about the sea hadn¡¯t been seen, the beautiful fished, coral, seashell¡­ All they saw was the sea¡¯s blue and the alternation of sky¡¯s dark and night.
God saved them again, he sent a large, green island to them.
The island was full of food, water, and also, animals. They loved this land, because they had seen many birds that they hadn¡¯t seen before and there were a lot of delicious food, pretty young swallows. The life there was exciting and attraction.
Trimple was happy at first, too. Goodie said,
¡°We have got our dream come true, we will live a happiness life!¡±
¡°Almost.¡± No one noticed Trimple¡¯s unsatisfaction.
¡°What will be the further?¡± Trimple thought again and again that night. He finally said out,
¡°Why not fly further?¡±
¡°Let¡¯s go together.¡± Sheley answered surely and quickly.
Goodie looked straight into Trimple¡¯s eyes. For a long time, he squeezed£¨¼·£© out a word, ¡°OK.¡±
Their talk calmed down unnaturally. Trimple felt some uncomfortable.
The next day Goodie was missing, he went through the forest searching Goodie.
Finally Trimple found Goodie standing in .a tree with a girl. He seemed not have seen Trimple there, just talked to the pretty girl. Trimple called him many times, but without response. When the girl flew away, Goodie turned to Trimple impatiently and regretfully.
¡°Trimple, I¡¯m so sorry about it, I met an intimate friend£¨Öª¼º£© yesterday, I think I¡¯m falling in love with her.¡±
¡°You don¡¯t need to say anything, Trimple. I¡¯ve decided, I don¡¯t want a further flying.¡±
Trimple didn¡¯t know what to say, stand there still, all the pasts were filling his head. What his mother told them,
¡°You four must help each other while facing difficulties, never lose one.¡±
And how hard did Goodie carried him, the dream, the future¡­
What¡¯s worse, Trimple couldn¡¯t find Sheley any longer. There was no emotion on Trimple¡¯s face, his eyesight is dispersive£¨·ÖÉ¢µÄ£©. Like a fly without head, he flew through the trees, hitting the trees. Blood covered his head, he fainted and laid on the ground.
The pain from body and mental made him more weak, he could hardly open his eyes, but he was clear, he felt like his breathing slowing down. He was imaging what heaven looked like. In the puzzling, mother¡¯s word came,
He tried to stand up, once, twice, on more time¡­he succeeded! Walking lamely to the band of a river, he saw an emaciated swallow with ideal destroyed.

Ideals¡¯ destruction is the most heart-breaking thing in one¡¯s life. The ideal, which was built up since youth, is what one tries with his heart and hard working to reach. Life resembles climbing the mountains. Climbing to the top is one¡¯s goal. If he fails, his life remains no value. Perhaps the mount is the Everest, not everyone is able to reach the top, but the more important is to try by heart, even if you can¡¯t reach the top at last, you in fact have reached.
Trimple put his head into water to awake himself, he was starting again. Bringing his brothers and sister¡¯s dream, future was waiting for him.
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