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Need Your Input*Easy Contest*Please Read*

Arrow I want to add a VIP Members Section on my site to attract posting users.
Arrow But, I need help figuring out what to put in that club.
Arrow I need your input on what to put in that is amazing and attracting that will bring fun. Nothing cheesy here please.
Arrow Every entry is worth 5 Frih$
Arrow The best 3-5 ideas of my choice are awarded 20 Frih$

Good luck and help me out here!
They should get access to free porn!!! lol.. nar not really.

You using Nuke yes? ... So they can have access to a VIP downloads section.. Dont know what to put in it tho. Desktop backgrounds maybe? Anything else fun.

Umm... Also a spcial tag saying VIP Member under their name on the forum..

And i sopose your untilmate goal bieng the founder is for people to post... so i was thinking if you have points mod install.. you can do like this forum does. you need lets say 80 points to sign up to be a VIP .. and if you go down 1 point each day like frihost does. If you go below 80 points, you will be removed from being a VIP. This will encourage people to post.
But it wont reset to say 120 points each day.

But.. for this you will need to have something worth being a VIP in your site.

Thanks for the input I don't want to do downloads though.
I think the download this is a good idea. Or let them have a special forum or something. l
The problem with downloads is, It takes a while to upload stuff. And I need to know what to put, besides they can download it in other places for free if they want by searching google.
Thye can also chat on forums and play acrade games in other places by searching google too Wink
Wouldnt u rather it be your site their downloading from than thiers? Wink
Its more troublesome for mee though!
well, if you want to make ur site better, then it will be a bit troublesome!!! Razz
the downloads thingy is nice.......and maybe a title, and also a Forum for VIPs......... Very Happy
On fourms mark vips with special colors, also in topics i mean like [ Administrator ] have orange [ Moderator ] has green so make also [ VIP ] in blue or something. You can also add special rank on forums under avatar. On main site i don't know, maybe link in main menu under members list which will list all vips, everyone would like to be there, or mark vips in members list with bald font or color. I love that! And maybe 10% less cash to enter lottery.
First of all, you got a really nice site! looks really professional, and the menus are really cool. (If you got a good tutorial for those, please PM me) Wink

I personally did not like the yellow border on top of the page, but other than that the design is really good Smile

Making a VIP status sounds like a good idea. But it should not be just based on the # of posts, I think it΄s better with a system where it counts how many posts the person has done lets say last month or so, to keep people active.
special forums sections (may be some thing to advertise a site of there own)
different ranks
special vip contests
Star Wars Fanatic
In the forums give em more control, like they would be able to lock and unlock their own topics, maybe give em access to special content, such as a behind the scenes sorta thing of your website, maybe allow them to give you content to add to the site, or something like that.

You could also have the VIP come about by winning a member of the month contest, or by donating to your site.

I thought of some more:

You could have a tutorial section available only for VIP members, there could be tutorials that you write, that they write, they could exchange them with other VIP members, you could have a script section where you or other VIP members post some useful scripts they have, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ect...
Get google apps, so that they can have free gmail acounts with .

I also agree about being mods.

PS where did you get php-tv??
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