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Internet browsing problems

Greetings. I'm on Windows 98SE with IE 4.0 and I'm experiencing the following problems.

Almost every page I go to tells me that there's errors in the javascript and it asks me if I want to keep running scripts on that page. Clicking yes often causes windows explorer to crash. And sometimes while surfing the net, IE hangs, particularly if I open a new window.

I downloaded firefox but the installation seems to fail. The screen which says "Verifying package integrity" (or something to that effect) comes up and then it disappears and nothing happens. Any suggestions? (Preferably ones that won't require downloading of large files since I'm on dialup).
What security software (anitvirus, spybot, etc) do you use, is it up2date and have you already scanned your system?

You should at least update your InternetExplorer to a newer version, this could help a lot Wink
Well, I tried updating, but since Microsoft no longer supports windows 98, it no longer offers downloads for it either (or at least none that I could find). That and money's going to be thin for a while, I can't exactly update to windows xp anytime soon.

I just installed windows 98 actually. No security software on it... yet. However, I downloaded and installed opera. It downloads way slower than IE but it's a lot more stable so I guess it's livable for the moment.
Update your JavaRE. I also highly suggest upgrading your OS. Try booting in safe mode and doing some stuff in there Razz
u have to upgrade you OS to support IE6.
Is IE6 not supported on Win98? Mad Question Exclamation Question Exclamation wonder if it was when I had it
I would assume that it is mostlikely some sort of spyware or adware..

Scan your system!

I am pretty sure you can install IE6 on a Win98 machine, but I would suggest using Mozilla Firefox instead. It seems light-weight enough, and I haven't had any problems with it for the year and a half I've had it.

Of course, I have to say you should upgrade your OS, at least, and if your machine runs too slowly with a new OS you should get a new system entirely. And you really shouldn't expose a Win98 machine to the 'net at all unless you like re-loading it often, because even with protection 98 is way too "hackable".

Good luck
Any spyware is affected to your system

rescan with your system using spywareremover Laughing
I really should've added this to my earlier post, but better late than never--

Here are the tools I like to use to wipe up spyware and viruses--they haven't failed me yet.

Note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies; I just like their stuff.

Also note that these are for personal use, not business or the like.

I use Grisoft's AVG Free edition. It can be found at .

I also use Safer Networking's Spybot: Search and Destroy. It can be found at .

Finally, I use Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE Personal, found at .

Fully updated, these three tools work great.

There are unofficial service packs for Win98, but I used one and it messed up my computer.

Good luck,
Well maybe i cant be sure about the source of your problem but you are going to have morre and more in the future, is time to grow up to Windos XP or Linux . If you dont want to waste time go to the next level. Yeah I know , the problem can be a viruses , maybe a virtual machine maybe a Java plugins . Maybe you have so mane applications or games. Are you sure about to have all the services packs?
The O.S. is complete updated ?
Get IE6 and if doesnt work let it go.
For one, IE6 should work, and so should Firefox. Have you run windows update> Also may want to try defragging, but you said it was a clean system, yes>
Prabhu Raj
From your description I see that your computer is infected with virus and your browser is outdated.

Get a good antivirus software like symantec or mcaffee or panda and update your browser to IE6 with SP1.

Doing the above will surely solve your problem.
Make sure you have the most recent java plugins.
For you my friend I would recommend two solutions that will work:

1. Reinstall Windows 98 and update with the latest patches and YES Internet Explorer 6 works on Windows 98, Internet Explorer 7 DOESN'T.

2. Install a free Linux distribution and install latest FireFox
I have IE6 on Win98 SE on pentium III and browser is working properly but sometimes I have problem with freezing when some site are too heavy (SWF, big JPG, etc.) and also when is dial up very slow. Also is good if is possible to insert more RAM in computer. I am do that and brovsing is going much faster.

The latest IE for Win98SE is 6SP1. But if you have IE4, according to my knowledge that means you have Win98FE (Gold) because 98SE has IE5 by default. At least this is my experience.

I do not know what the highest supported IE for 98Gold is, but if I were you I'd try to download IE6SP1. If that fails, get IE6. If that fails, get IE5.5SP2, which even works on Windows 95.
I'm not sure these are English though, if not just use Google.
I ran into the javascript error issue with an install of Win98 SE -- I upgraded to Windows 2000.

If you can, depending on your hardware - I'd update to a more recent OS sooner or later. My update from Win98 SE to Win2000 was quick and easy - and kept all of the settings that were in place with the old OS.
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