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Your thoughts on modem device drivers

I'm not exactly sure if this is in the right thread, but since my question mostly involves device drivers, I posted here.

Some of you may already be familiar with the issue I'm going to bring up here. It's about software drivers for the controllerless and soft modem devices using the Conexant chipset. On windows, the modem manufacturers almost always (if not always) provide windows drivers for free with the modem. Conexant also has it's own generic drivers for these modems.

As such, these modems are really only good for windows users (unless there's a manufacturer out there that I'm not aware of that provides linux or macintosh versions of the drivers). Instead, Linuxant gives away crippled drivers that run at a maximum speed of 14.4k and has no fax capabilities, and sells the full speed/fully featured drivers for about 20 dollars each, which in general is more than what you'd pay for the modem.

I guess my question here is, who thinks it's fair that windows users get free drivers while linux users have to pay for drivers and (although I'd need to research this to know this for a fact) there are no drivers for the macintosh operating system (I base this on the fact that the windows drives are available on Conexant's website, and they provide links to Linux drivers, but do not even mention Macintosh). Is a company justified in discriminating against people who don't use particular software or should they provide free drivers to everybody?

And yes, I do realize that I could be opening a can of worms with this thread (particularly among those in the Linux community that support the efforts of Linuxant, and there's more of them than one might think). In fact, it's this issue that got me to switch from Linux over to Windows in the first place. I'm just curious about how users in general (not just those on linux) react to an issue like this.
well, as a linux user, you should do what Linus Benedict Torvalds said,
when men were men
and wrote their own device driver

otherwise, do what william henry gates ask you to do,

validate your windows and get better support
Writing your own driver for a Conexant based modem. That would be quite the undertaking. The guys at Linuxant tried that and now sell the drivers. Not to mention that the drivers were fairly large (which made it impossible to take a floppy disk to the library and bring them home that way).

Wouldn't there also be legal issues with something like that though? I know Linuxant would absolutely hate you, particularly if you released the source code, but wouldn't Conexant get a little upset that you're sharing the source code for proprietary hardware? I likely would have done it were it not for those reasons and the fact that I suck at programming, lol.

Anyhow, I'm on Windows 98 now and the modem works at a full 56k. I get faster speeds now than when I lived right in town (but when I lived there we also had DSL access if we wanted it).
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