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child domains

hi all, i'm new to all this, and have brough a domain name and am now plugging away, learning all about how hosting works and also how asp and php work.

when i registered for a domain name i noticed that i could also get a child domain, (you know eg. but am unsure how to config a child to a host, (it wants an IP when i set it up, but am not sure whos IP i should use.)
do i need to set up a seperate host account for a child?
do i need to make some arrangement with my chosen host?
does a host need to be able to support child domains?

i'm wondering if anyone knows how child domains work?

I assume you mean sub domains? If you havent changed your name servers at your registrar you can point you main domain and sub domain to different locations using an A record which is the IP of the server you want them to point to. So you can create and point it to frihost (via DNS) and then create a subdomain on frihost and both will be hosted on frihost OR you can point to frihost via an A record, create and point it to a different host.

You shouldnt need a diffferent account depending on the number of domains/subdomains you are allowed. At frihost you have the one account and host unlimited domains/subdomains.

Yes you will need to add the domain and/or subdomain in your control panel so the server knows to go to your account.

If using DNS method your host will need to support subdomains, is using A record they will need to allow you to add your own domains. Both are Ok at Frihost Smile

my host is stuffing me around with my account, and i am usure of how things work on the host side.

just to confirm,

for the domain name - i create an account with my host then point both ns1 & ns2 to that host (i got that bit okay)

this is where it gets fuzzy for me,
does the host give the subdomain a different IP address to the main domain? is that why the registrar asks for the IP and not an ns$ value?

is that correct?

god damn this would be less confusing if my host was working.

i'll open an account here as soon as i can, then i can put all this into practice, it's much easier when you can actually do something and see what happens.
i just got my ns$ values from my host, and they were followed by their IP addresseseses Very Happy

i just set up the sub to those IPs

once they are active, i will change the IP's to my Fri site when it is up and see what happens,

if i understand what you said correctly, then it should all work,

thanks for your help.
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