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Define Friendship...

What is so great as friendship, let us carry with what grandeur of spirit we can. Let us be silent, -- so we may hear the whisper of the gods. Let us not interfere. Who set you to cast about what you should say to the select souls, or how to say any thing to such? No matter how ingenious, no matter how graceful and bland. There are innumerable degrees of folly and wisdom, and for you to say aught is to be frivolous. Wait, and thy heart shall speak. Wait until the necessary and everlasting overpowers you, until day and night avail themselves of your lips.
The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one.
Very Happy

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

thats what i feel.... Very Happy
For me the real friends are those who support you in good and bad moments. You can relay on this people and that is what makes you feel close with them. The real friend have realy close bond to eatch outher and many common interests. Not every day you can met real friend. The real friends are people who stays with you for years
Jakob [JaWGames]
If I put it simple I would say that a friend is someone who likes and respects you at the same time as you likes and respects him/her.

A close friend is someone you trusts neverthless the situation.
Friends help you move.
Real friends help you move bodies.

An tongue-in-cheek exaggeration, but it illustrates a point very well. A real friend has your back no matter what.
For me, a friend is caring and giving person... but this can be many ways and different personalities... the idea then... can you know that this person is your friend or another guy passing into our lives.

Jakob, without respect and liking there's no friendship at all in the first place. If you scan the people you know... you'll find alot of people you like and respect but you don't consider them friends or at least close friends. In other words... liking and respect is one of the basis for any successful relationship between any two or there's no relation....

It always takes time to know that someone you know is a real friend.

Often, you can see nothing wrong about the people you think they are you friends.

Sometimes you don't know that this one is a friend before you hurt them.

but when you have a real friend, you try NEVER to lose him/her.

This is not about how long you him/her, or where you met at first or how you did... Friendship have no limits... Friendship is only identified by you two.

and that's my2 cents
Jakob [JaWGames]
Jakob, without respect and liking there's no friendship at all in the first place. If you scan the people you know... you'll find alot of people you like and respect but you don't consider them friends or at least close friends. In other words... liking and respect is one of the basis for any successful relationship between any two or there's no relation....

Mm, yes I know, friendship reaches much deeper than that but if you likes and respects someone who likes and respects you, you probably are more or less friends (it depends on what you classes as friend.)

A close friend is something totally different and it is much harder to define
everyone more or less agrees on the definition of friends as the one stands by u in thick and thin, good and bad, right or wrong.

But I think there is something more to it. I think a friend understands u and respects u for what u are. He helps u become a better person.

Standing by a person when he is doing something wrong is not friendship...a true friends makes u realize that u r doing a wrong thing.
"As in any social setting, your friends are the ones you consider your equals. But your best friends -- Your closest friends -- are the ones you consider your betters."

--Brad Meltzer
A friend is someone who will help you when you ask them.....
A true friend does not need to be asked
"Friend in need is a Friend in Deed"

Hope this explains all...
Friends are people you've grown to love, want to share happy and sad moments with, talk to anytime, be with anytime.. They are people who love and accept you for what you are and what you're not. They are special individuals who touch your soul and make your life worth living even if the ups and downs of the road is too risky. I don't know how to exactly define friendship. But I know what it is.
Friends are someone who you could be comfortable around at any point...however this all seems to change when you start to fall for a friend and then things become awkward...
How can you define if someone likes and respects you if he's not showing it to you or just dealing with you with usual respect or because the road put you together he is dealing with you. I think a friend in this case is some one you decide who's a friend and who's not. and to say the truth that happens when e find some one is not the friend we assumed he is. Only days in this case can show who is and who's not.
A friend is someone who you would get your best and your glock for backup.

A friend is someone who you could lean on to open up your problems and giving you some good advices.
Cool Are you saying a friend can only be a person?

Because thats what alot of people's definitons have been about.
If you had a pet bird, that liked so sit on your pet cat on the couch, and the cat enojyed the birds company..
does this make them friends?
I think it does.
I think a friend is one showing or having affection for another.
Most amazing definition of a buddie:

1. A Person Who Listens When You Bare Your Soul
2. A Person Who Knows You Inside And Out
3. The Person Who Can Finish Your Sentence For You
4. Who Knows Without Being Told That Your Doubting Your Relationship
5. A Person Who Does Wrong, Apologizes, And Then Takes You Out (Fishing) To Make Up For It
6. The One Person Who Annoys The Hell Out Of You, But You Never Can Get Enough Of
7. The Only Person You Hate Seeing With Another Girl Cause You Don't Think She's Good Enough
8. The Person Who Acts Like Your Brother, Chauffeur, Body Guard, Best Friend, and Sometimes More.
9. The Only One Who Knows When Your Sad, Angry, or Scared, Even When Your Pretending To Be Happy
10. The Only One Who Can Always Make You Smile, Even When Doing Manual Labour.

I really like that word, a writer I can't remember now said "Friends are those part of you that you miss". I have very good friends, some of them live now abroad, but we still keep the contact.

Is so wonderful when you can ran into someone you haven't seen for years, then you talk and everything seems like it was yesterday the last day you met.

Recently I met a good group of women through Facebook. I thought I wasn't able to find a good group of female friends since High School, but with those girls I've found it's possible again.

Virtual friends could become into real friends. I really like that Smile
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