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Do(Did) you enjoy your school day ?

hmm...i don't really satisfy but i'm doing my best so that i can enjoy my school day everyday,although its only a year left for me to enjoy school day life.
I really hope i can be satisfied.

why not tell everyone how is(was) your school day life?
erm my school day , i enjoy my school day alot because i most of the time ignoring teacher's teaching,just chat wit friends about all stuff,handphones,games,computer,technology, and so and so...thus,i am well popular amount the girls,once i skip school(on purpose),they will start asking me,taking concern on me, and even sms(short messege service) ( malaysia's phone messege system) or online line chating,there are some caring teacher,i like my IT teacher(computer teacher) because we can do our own work in the computer lab,and using the computer's with internet,i can stream songs from my host(this frihost XD ), its alot easier after i got this free hosting, but just hate every monday because we need sing and sit infront the gathering place ,listening the principle who very bossy and old and bad manner(most of the people in school hate her include teacher),once she started her speech,at least 30 minute non-stop... how boring she is...
enjoy it while you can!!!!!!

once you start working, you'll wish to christ you were still back at school.

ahh, i remember the days,
schoolworks nothing. get it done, no problem,
ohh, and all the holidays you get!!!!, so much time off.

I WAN'T TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! Crying or Very sad
usually, i don't enjoy my school day, because there are some subjects that are plain boring, and don't deserve my attention, yet i am forced to sit through them, usually doodling, or throwing stuff at other people.
Not really, because my school has a whole new set of rules and they modified the main schedule added more requuirements and now my sr. year is going to be pretty hard.
well the school day is long but that isn't too bad, the thing i hate about school is getting up early in the morning. I have realy bad trouble with that. I am one of the popular people so when I wake up proparly during the day its not so bad. I never ever study and don't realy care how I get on in exams but my parents do. I always say ill do better next year but I actually do the same or worse. I enjoy some bits of school like with my geography teacher. Me and my friends could walk into the class 25 minutes late and he is so sick of use he couldn't be bothered saying anything and we just talk and talk in the class. I have another 3 years left but I am probably going to drop out this year. I cant wait!!!!
School is great! i'm always enjoying my school days. With all those thesis flying around that wherever you go you feel the pressure, Its just great! Anyway, I'll just have to overcome those obstacles and I'll be up and running in no time. LOL.
Sure I enjoyed it, with only five classes now Very Happy
HA! Laughing
school doesnt start for another 6 days for me!!
I enjoyed my school days so much, I wish I could go back to those days. Sure I had pressure during exams days, and yes I did hate getting up in the morning. But compared to now when i have so many financial and family responsibilities, those days were so carefree.

Also, if I can go back there are some decisions I would make differently than I did the last time.
i can't stand going to school every body is rude and annoying. my forth day of school i fell out of the school van coming back for swimming and tore some legiments in my ankle Mad
It depends if I meet any cute girls. It also depends on how long a nap I get to take and how many classes I have. But this year I'm only in class a bit over 13 hours a week. Laughing
i miss my school dayz badly.. but i miss my frnds a lot more.. though i meet most of them but i wud love to go back to school... i didnt like the school wen i was in it but after leaving it.. i started loviing it
My first day was Wednesday. I didn't think it was that bad. I caught up with all my friends and stuff so it was pretty cool.
shwetanshu wrote:
i miss my school dayz badly.. but i miss my frnds a lot more.. though i meet most of them but i wud love to go back to school... i didnt like the school wen i was in it but after leaving it.. i started loviing it

Sounds like you need to go back to school... Badly.
Schools good for seeing your friends ... with out school every one would only have 1-2 frineds and would be stuiped
I haven't started this school year yet, but It's my senior year of high school and my schedual is very easy, so I hope I will be able to stay laid back all year.

Usually, I enjoy being at school. Not for class, but to see my friends daily. The only thing I have to complain about is waking up to go to school.
being able to see your friends, chat with them, laugh together, it is really enjoying although there is damn lots of homework x.x
usually i don't do my homework at home =D
however, there is still lacking of something...which is mostly of us wishing...guess?
I'm glad of the holidays, although I only have one more year to go. What I don't like about school is the written homework, if I went to school everyday and got no written homework, I'd be very happy to be there, its just the h/w that impacts due to the shear amount and how boring and pointless written h/w is.
School for me is like work...
Like the job, hate the people

I liked school for the school part, but I wasn't a popular kid. Never wanted to be, happy that I wasn't...
I was a jock, and a nerd, and in just about every other extra curricular activity (newspaper, robotics, debating, etc)

I can't wait to get back into University again... when I get the money. Because I like the learning.. and I can be a nobody if I choose ;-P
I go back to school tommoro! Brick wall
i enjoy schooldays alot... but most of the time i prefer enjoy more during school holidays... during school days, i'm able to chat and talk with my friends, being crazy with them, and enjoy interesting activities together.. during school holidays, i usually when for social outing to mall, gatherings, and also campfire.... i'm an outgoing person... Cool
enjoy your school day while u can. After you start working, you will know the difference.
i enjoy my school day.I am not listening what teachers are talking,i dont learn at all and i dont take any book or pencil or something.I just go to school like i am not going.I just have fun time doing nothing and making fun of teachers.Well cause all of this i can tell you that i have many problems.I have been almost thrown out of school for three times.And i also have lot of bad grades.But in the end i somehowe finish the class.I have finished three years so i have one more to go.Let see if i am lucky for the fourth time Very Happy
well i'm enjoy chatting,meet with friends everyday, which never bored.
i only hate all the annoyed homeworks,projects and other stuffs ,also those bored teacher's teaching.
i prefer fast and simple lesson which can study even faster and the rest of the time i only wish to do somemore test paper which similar to graduate examinate paper.
anyway...there's no way a life would be well-planned as i wished...
it will only remain as a dream in my mind forever.
...Nothing Will Be Perfect...
I miss my school day badly too Sad Though I'm still studying, but it was online studies. Not much interaction with friends Sad
no... I don't enjoy my school day... I think I more enjoy school holiday ....
amusic wrote:
enjoy your school day while u can. After you start working, you will know the difference.

I don't think so... coz now I already work.. I think I am more enjoy compare with the study, coz working got the money but study don't get any money....
I enjoy very much...I am a part time student and attending a BBA course at night after work...(u know, it really exhaustive....)
I found that the more attention I played at the class, the more meaningful and enjoyment from the class...althought it is really tired....

I have some class that I really don't want to attend..however when I was eager to finish the class as soon as possilble, it would probably make me annoyed because the time was likely still...I look at my watch again and again..the class seems progress very slow and never end!

When you play extra attention on the class....time would be running very fast instead. Wink
School Days....with out a doubt best days of my Life....even better than college. In college we have to think abt the future and stuff but in school...there is no such pressure (ok there is a littel bit...but atleast not for me)...had great time with friends. We used to bunk classes and play cricket, watch movies.
The greatest part was the excitement of bunking college its not there...nobody attends lectures so there is no excitement in NOT attending...maybe thats my point of view...but yeah I really enjoyed my school days.
I hate most school. Its just so annoying! Teachers always expect you to know the entire subject back to front!
After you start working and step into working life, you will know that school day is really enjoying.
Yeah my friends I like my schooldays now, but its the reason that we have shifted somewhere else, so no NEW friends at school.
This makes it a hell lot Booring than it used to be an year ago. I enjoyed studies, hanged out with my friends, did all sorts of extra curricular activities and all other things that we were allowed or NOT allowed to. Wink
But in here no one knows me, nor do I know anyone. I even dont know the limits to which I can extend, in terms of naughtiness I m speaking about.

In short, Schooldays start becoming really fundays, only when you integrate in the atmosphere very successfully.

Warm Regards,
Hm.... school days....
I graduated form university 15 years ago. So it's little bit difficult for me to remind again..Smile
I'm from Korea. some people might know about asian country's education, it's very hard time for all students to study at a high school.
Most students want to enter a university. Exactly their parents want them to enter a university, especially which is very famous in a country.

So students have no choice without studying hard..
Most of them have to study to make it for 14 ~18 hours a day..
I woke up at 9:00 this morning, drove 25 minutes to school (dealing with A LOT of rude people on the highway), got to class at 11:30, drove home at 12:50 (dealing with even more rude people who were trying very hard not to let me change lanes, even though it was essential for me to do so), studied for hours, and drove back to school at 3:20 for 3 more classes. My last class (a 3 hour lab) ended at 10:00 at night. Now I'm sitting here taking a break from the studying that will keep me up all night. So no, I did NOT enjoy my school day. I hate college.
I loved school, uni isn't too different. You have the good parts about school, like the friends etc. But you have more freedom which is good too. The downside is that it is harder. I hope I get a job with lots of nice people to talk to.
School days sometimes can get really boring, but since someone has told me when you go to work life is much more boring then at school, I'm now trying to find something that can excites me so that I can enjoy my school days.
School was terrible yesterday, my class had this unbelievable stupid and hard project. In the end we all survived through the day though, thank god.

Most school days are decent, though.
i enjoyed much in my high school and university days... there are so much unforgottable memory.....which gives me some regrets and some happiness. Well, those days have gone away now. Ridiculously, i am now working in a secondary school, which brings me back the feelings of the days in school. And, i am planning to enter university to study another degree again~
nothing new, just that same old routine. you wake up, take a bath go to school. you listen to your teachers, do your lab works and head on eating with your friends. you go home and find yourself finish with another day. Time just pass away so fast. Crying or Very sad
I enjoyed my school days during High school days. not in my college days that i can't even really have a friend
well I love my school days. I am missing it now.I think it was the best part of my life.
You know what guys? I'm 21, I'm not some old hag scolding you or anything like that, I'm a DJ, I party WAY too much, and I really like my life. Let me tell anybody thats thinking of dropping out: DONT BE A DUMB ASS - FINISH YOUR FREAKING HIGH SCHOOL! High school should be 100% mandatory. It's not so bad! Just do it, and your done, and then you can get most jobs whatever, it will be all good. I'm sure you've noticed everybody and their dogs telling you to not drop out. I have not met one person in my entire life that did not totally regret dropping out of high school and wish that they hadnt.

anyways, thats my rant, take er easy
meet in rio
The last two years of school were quite nice. The first six years were also alright. The five year block (11-16) in between was really a bit miserable and I was very lonely a lot of the time. I brought it upon myself, really, though. The workload was always okay, and I was reasonably successful, academically, but I would have traded all that for friends in those five years.

Being a young teenager sucks. I'm so happy to be at university. Things started to get better when I was 16/17 and thence have improved steadily.

If anyone out there hates school for social reasons, fear not: it will get better as you age so long as you keep to that clich้ advice you've been fed every day: be nice to everyone and be yourself.
boring and total waste of time, i learnt more from studying/reading while at home as apposed to the depressing / drap time spent at school...

more often then not being taught by temp teachers which didnt have a clue about the subjects supposed to be being taught.. or teachers mis-interpriting the national cariculum and teaching totally irrelivant information

how many questions in the final exams did you sit there n think... never even been mentioned in class!

nuff said!
im at college... n most of the time it gets kinda borin... sometimes i can be good tho
Actually, I've enjoy a lot during my school days, with my classmates and friends are arround. I've also enjoying studying at our school. I am in my 3rd Year College and I'm very satisfied about the curriculum and the studies in my campus. And also, I'm enjoy to learn a lot together with my classmates maybe just because our Intructors are friendly and enough and well trained on his topics. And maybe I'm just in my favorite subject which is all about the Technology, Computers and Others. We're now spending time shooting a movie on the street, and I enjoy it the most.
like i said

School -:> Play
Tuition -:> Study

Laughing Laughing
I've only been to one class out of three today, but the one class I went to (Criminal Justice) was awesome, as always. I can never find anything bad to say about Criminal Justice, since the teacher is very entertaining and laid-back. I was actually almost sad when class was over. Laughing However, I have to go to Freshman Experience (such a pointless class) in a little over an hour, followed by Biology (which is also boring because the teacher just stands in the front of the room and reads a PowerPoint. At least he's nice though...). So my day is about to go slightly downhill, but I'll get over it as soon as I get home again.

EDIT: I managed to get my entire biology class to be let out 20 minutes early, so the second half of my school day was much better than I thought it would be. Very Happy
yes , i did
i enjoyed my school days
we played football , riding bicycle , playing ps , running etc
it was very fun
off course we studied too
School was like Heaven for me. There will be no other time like that. I was like the popular kids they show in movies. Everyone loved me and I basked in the glory of it all. I wasn't a mean kid though. But college changed it all. Somehow I ended up with the unpopular gang but stil can't deny that life's still exciting.
I hate the school. Science is so bloody boring!
School is fun. I'm having fun right now. Except for the typhoon that just went by the Philippines...
Well, I rather not go to school, but its not really bad, only sometimes when you got some test or exam that you just dont understand.
Sometimes the leasons get boring, but today, was good.
Had gym and more, always fun, so yeh, it was good for being a school day.
school days..? it's all about exams and studying, but with friends its a different story. well i've got around 2 1/2 months left to graduation.. just waiting for the last exam to come... hope i do well this time. im feeling a bit reluctant since my friends and i are going to be separated at different colleges.. nevertheless, gotta appreciate this few weeks with them
I went to the conventional school for 12 years. I did not enjoy even a part of it. I belong to India, where professionalism is not to be the key and favoritism will always be. The teachers and the principals were a biased lot of bad performers & may be a victim of favoritism so they fed us all & taught us with what they learnt.

Not that I was the best of kids, I have been too naughty and had my share of punishments. But as I said, the lack of professionalism and my naughty doings would result me being a scape goat to the principal's & the teachers' frustration.

The English teacher would hate me for I could not speak English properly. I want her to know that I have been one of the best communicators where-ever I have gone in the last 10 years. And that her thoughts still disgust me that I have been one of her students (I hope she reads this some day - for me she can never forget).

Those years were so competitive that I never got the time to be friends with anyone. I am doing much better that some of those who were the so called successful students, not only because I'm earning great but also because I have learnt to be contented. I have learnt what is important is to be good and be loved than to be thought to be good (and not actually be) and believe that people love you (when no one actually loves you).

My school has just started and it has been three years only. I have learnt that one must continuously improve and measure the improvement each day. With that perspective I am de-learning all that was fed to me for 12 years and learnign the new mantra for a satiated life.
Yea.. School days are fun.. Still schooling now in preuni.. Taking IT courses. During lectures and practicals, I can use laptops and play games.. :p.. so relaxing..
School and College are fine... I just don't like being graded. Everyone is going to use these letters to judge me... No me gusta.
School!?? Never interested.. I think school is boring and not interesting in any way!!! I get very tired of reading.. my head just won't do..

I need to get the work in my hands.. I need to know HOW it works.. not how it all started and stuff...
the school itself is veryyy boring and there are definitly things which could make it much more interesting but that is another topic.
Anyway, what I miss related to the school are my friends there.
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