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Guildwars guild

So it seems that while I was away from Guildwars the guild I was in seems to have self destructed shame really it was a good guild. So with a new computer coming and with my desire to get back into Guildwars I am looking for a new guild. I am looking for one that has a big enough set of people that I have someone to play with and yet not so big I feel lost in the shuffle.

Little about me and my gaming. I am a PvEr although I would like to get into PvP it would not be my main focus.

I also want to see a well deigned website for the guild.
Perhaps you can check out the multi-gaming guild I'm in.
at . Element Zero.

They have a lot of games, including Guild Wars. It exists for a long time already, but got a bit inactive. Now we're starting it up once again, and are looking for new members. I'm not in the GW section, but I'm leading the ut2k4 section.

Anyhow, I'd suggest you check it out. It's a nice guild, I made a lot of friends in it, and I can't complain about it actually. So hey, why not check it out.
You could always found your own guild with new friends you meet in the game.
I founded my own guild just to have a goodlooking cape.
But I don't play guildwars anymore. Maybe some time I'll play it again.
I am a big Guildwars fan and I am in a guild with a good amount of people on that are very helpfull but I don't think we are too big and we are PvE related guild and we do Ava(PvP) somtimes and GvG but our main focus is PvE but I love Aliance Battles so I do PvP somtimes. Our Guild has a forum and it is really cool because you get rank and so you can get higher up in the guild so lvling your char to ascend them gives you rank and winning the game gives you vet. so it is really cool.

I am not an officer so I couldn't invite you but I could give your name to an officer so he/she could.

I would need your In Game Name Very Happy

Thanks for reading this really long post Smile
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