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Image Gallery and ImageShack

Hello everyone. I have been searching for some pre-made scripts on the internet for about two days now trying to find an image gallery script that will allow me to use my images off of imageshack. I have come close but still no cigar. Can anybody here help me?
sry crismen... i'm not exactly SURE what you want... but i've never seen anything of the sort around... why don't you just code something up yourself?
Well I was looking for image galleries on but all the ones I have tried work like this: you put images into a folder and it will automatically generate an image gallery. I was looking for something that would automatically make an image gallery of the off-site photos I specify, like in configuration or text file, whatever.

Coding this on my own sounds like a good idea actually but I have never made anything in php before and this seems like a scary project to start on. I'll go to w3school and give it a try but if anybody could help me out, I would be very thankful!
you should try more search at

i found a lot of them from there which does what you needed to do. try more and if you cant find it, i'll help with it. a little busy now.
Thanks a lot man. People on this site are so helpful.
Well here is an update: I read through pretty much all the information that w3schools had to offer on php. I now know how it functions and can create some simple stuff. I have actually made my gallery script by having a test file on my server convert to an array using 'file()'. Anyways, now I am trying to make it so I can have directories displayed. I am think of something like this:
using glob() to search for directories and then display all of them with links

Well that's all I have so far. If anybody has any suggestions, thanks. Let's see how it will look.
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