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Dual monitors

What is needed to run 2 monitors from 1 graphics card? Is is a cable or switch box?
The video card is a Powercolor Radeon.
You have to have a special dual-head video card for that.
It is possible to have dual monitors by using two single-head video cards, but unless you're more of an expert than you appear to be, you shouldn't try it.

There are adapters and such that will allow you to connect two monitors to one card, but both monitors will display the exact same image in that case.
You will need a new video card like ocalhoun said for dual monitors. How much do you want to spend on the new video card? I can find you one (if you are in the US)
Powercolor Radeon..? If it isn't a low budget card you probably have two vga ports... just plug in the second monitor =)
But I guess you don't have two vga.. however, a new grafic card that supports at least two monitors isn't expensive, unless you need a card that could easely manage the latest games...
Your graphics card should have two outs. One white and one blue. Just plug both monitors into the corresponding holes.
To manage it, you can use windows, or your graphics card software. Before plugging in the monitors, you should update your drivers.
Not all cards have two outs. But getting a dual monitor setup can be easy and cheap if you go to the right places. I converted my single-monitor system to a triple one for 5 euros: the extra monitors I got for free from people that wanted to get rid of their old computer (you can also find them in recycling areas or even garbage dumps) and the 2 video cards, both ATi Mach64, I bought via the Internet for 5 euros including shipping.
You can have a GFX card that can support 2 monitors in several ways:
1- converting your Card and I don't recomended because it mostly will overload your card or pc.

2- Using a card with another type of output (S-Video for example)

3- Using a card with 2 outlets but mostly willbe expensive and much advanced features you may not use ever.

Try cards. And I suggest the 6000 series whice you can find at (
"converting your card?"

uh, what?

"using s-video?"

Computer monitors are not s-video, sorry.

"converting single monitor to multiple by adding video cards?"

While this may work, it is not for the average user, because the 2nd and 3rd video cards would have to be PCI and would therefore suck for any sort of graphics-intensive purpose.

"one white and one blue"

I think Jaan meant DVI and VGA. Most dual-monitor video cards come with both interfaces on them, though the high-ends come with two DVIs. They also usually come with DVI to VGA adapters so you can use older monitors.

Now to avoid confusion and more stupidity, just get the NVIDIA 6600GT. It comes with dual-monitor support in both AGP and PCI-E configurations. What graphical interface does your motherboard support? PCI only, AGP, or PCI-E?
i assume u hav a low end card. ther are only svseral ways to get dual monitor setups:

1)upgrade to at LEAST a 6600GT with dual monitor out (if u can afford 10 bux more, get a 7600GT)
2)use 2x graphics cards, dontry this with pci cards, and agp only supports one card so pci-e is the way 2 go
3)use a usb vga adapter - they sell for abt 120AUD, hav about the same quality as a crappy intel integrated sili-crap, but will do at a scab
Excuse me, but there's nothing wrong with using PCI cards for dual monitors. And you can get a cheap one that'll do 1024x768x16 for like $5.
Thanks for all the comments. The user does not need the extra cost of the high end cards. All I did is get a DVI to analog cable and the software that comes with the card has all the functions to manage the dual monitors. So all in all a cheap solution does exist.
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