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Pirate Party - would you vote for them?


I read in the news recently about Pirate Party in Sweden:

As you can read on their www- within two days (from the launch) their site displayed three million hits, and the first thousand or so members joined up.
What do you think about this popularity? Would you vote for them?
(I counted 15 other countries where local Pirate Parties is forming).
Is this the sign of new society, where the abstact concepts of Internet are of more meaning than plain old government and economy?


I'm from the United Kingdom and we have a long and illustrious tradition of ridiculous political parties - the most famous being the Monster Raving Loony Party which I think is still going. Most recently, in a town called Hartlepool, the town's first elected mayor was a football team mascot called Hangus the Monkey. The fact is that there is a great deal of disillusionment with mainstream politics in many countries and there is a real thirst for something different and even refreshing as well as a small dose of humour - here in the UK, the main political parties as perceived as being either too similar or very out of touch with what is going on in the lives of ordinary people. I'm not sure what the policies of the Pirate Party in the UK would be but if it involves sailing the seven seas looking for buried treasure, and making the wearing of eye patches, flying the Jolly Roger from flagpoles on every house and learning to say "Ahaar! Shiver me timbers! Arrrgh!" compulsory for every man woman and child, then count me in!
Hi Smile

I didn't know the policital scene in UK is so interesting. I laughed a lot reading your post. On the second thought, I think I wouldn't mind if someone established such a party in my country. There should be some regulations however that would prevent creation of parties dangerous to society. Is there a regulation of some sort in this field in UK? I mean, something like 'constitutional compliance requirement' for every party?

Ah, one more thing. The pirate party is not about "dead man chest seekers", but about something more intangible - software piracy Wink


SOFTWARE PIRACY??? As they say in a certain part of England - You are having a laugh(!) - or words to that effect. No wonder the fun's gone out of politics... I think there should be a movement to start a real pirate party and give politics a much-needed kick up the bum... and force other politicians to walk the plank - especially those who believe they can walk on water...!
Seriously though, as far as I am aware there is no such regulation to stop political parties with views that could be considered dangerous. The nearest we have to regulation of that sort here would be that the Government can ban certain groups - political or otherwise if they are deemed to be supportive of or are involved in dangerous activities such as terrorism or other kinds of criminal acts.
Of course I would vote for them. Content wants to free, so I can hardly wait until the corporate-owned internet is jammed, and transmits, to the surprise and delight of the oppressed masses:

"The liberation of content has begun!"
...Aharrrgh! Here here! hearties.
Interesting topic. It's surely a reflection of what's going on in modern society. There's a definite belief that most of the world's politicians are not serious about the business of government, or more specifically of good government.

Rather, they are more concerned with enriching and empowering themselves and abusing their positions with the sole purpose of advancing their private businesses or the businesses of friends and family.

While there are some truly "dangerous" parties out there, those in government who are apathetic are much more dangerous.

A pirate party? Why the heck not - sure, I'll sign up - it's bound to be a lot of fun and good for a laugh! Since the real politicians are mostly a bunch of fools and jesters, I don't see how a pirate party could do any worse... they may even do a better job at the end of the day, even if it's just entertaining the public and taking their minds of their misery Smile
Yaaarghh Shipmates, shiver me timbers 'an all that malarky.

I think that a Pirate Party in the UK would be a wonderful idea.

I like the concepts of the Pirate Party in Sweden, and also organisations like the Pirate Bay, although I think that a truly traditional Pirate scene in the UK has been a long time coming back into vogue.

Would should all club together and buy the Cutty Sark to have as a main base of operations. We'd get it seaworthy again, and sail it up and down the Thames, pillaging Laughing
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