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My Super Ex-girlfriend

Had you guys seen this movie. It is quite funny but can't imagine if this happends to you.... it would really make your entire life messirable because of just one night of happines..
I thought the movie was cute. It wasn't fantastic of oscar-worthy, but it had its charms.
Sorry I didnt find the movie so funny nor so interesting. Yes it was OK to watch once, but Uma Thurman isnt made for comedy.
am going to watch this movie today... the promos are really funny.. but i agree with comonsaree ^^ ... uma thurman isnt quite the comedy babe...
Wait did this movie even come out yet? Haha, I didnt even know. Ill have to rent it or see it at the dollar movies, because ive wanted to see it...
This movie didn't seem that interesting to me. I saw the trailer and.. it just gave me a bad feeling. Uma seems like a crazy superwomen in that - obessive, insane... I don't know. The humor/point of the movie seems a bit off from what I could see in the trailer.
I only watched it for UMA! *drools*

Wasn't the best movie, I think Hollywood is really overrated and you rarely ever see a really great film.
I have to say I saw the film recently and I thought it was absolutely TERRIBLE.

OK, there were a few funny bits but it was still pretty poor.
I am going to have to agree with Simon on this one, I was so excited to see it, but it just didn't keep my attention. This role wasn't made for Uma or that girl from the Scary Movie series either, I think her name is Anna. They seemed like they were trying to hard to make it a good movie, I mean SOME of the visual effects were good, but even for a comedy I don't think there was a single scene in the movie that I laughed at, sadly. I give the movie 2 thumbs down.
This movie was stupid I hated it they were so wrong for making a movie like this !!!!!
I didn’t find it so funny, some parts was good but still I don’t care about superhero movies.
I haven't seen it, but I love Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson... but I must say that the previews don't look good at all, and those are probably the funniest parts, which is quite sad. So yeah, I'll rent it when it comes out, and here's hoping I'll like it. Wink
I was in 2 mind as whether to watch this movie or not . But now I guess I won't do it.
I just watched this and I have to say that this is one of the worst movies I've seen.

Before I hadn't watched any trailers or read anything about it. So I didn't know what this movie was about. When the first scene began I understood that this movie will suck. I even fell asleep for ten minutes in the middle of the movie.

The thing that bothered me the most was the super women thing. It was made so stupidily.
Hey people,

Sorry on see that some people hated that movie.

I think will be so hilarius.

I just saw some trailer about, but I kind liked.

But I can say something more after see the movie.
Sorry I haven't seen it ,maybe sometime I'll watch it
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