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some one give me a guide??

well i have intrest in learning java and c++

what type of books or title that can help me to learn those java and c++??
which software should i use?? any recomendation??
The internet is full of good tutorials on both languages. It's hard to recommend any as learners have different preferences. Just google and see which one meets yours.


Under Windows there is a free C++ compiler complete with GUI (Graphical User Interface). It's called DEV-C++.

Under Linux all you need (compiler, editor, libraries) is included in most distributions.

U can begin java with The Java Complete Reference and as for software support in windows is concerned u get java SDK for free i guess and a good IDE for java project development is Eclipse try googling for tht even that one is open source I guess.
White Monkey
When I started programming I first learnt C++ which was a big mistake as I had no knowledge of programming and I just jumped headfirst into one of the hardest programming languages to learn, it took me about two years to completely understand and become fluent in the language. If you know HTML or have some knowledge of programming languages then it will be a bit easier for you but still as I said C++ is probably the hardest language too learn.

As for Java I have no knowledge of this language so I can't give you any tips for it.

I found you some tuorials.

C++ :

Java :

I hope this helps you...Happy programming!
{name here}
WikiBooks has a really comprehensive C++ tutorial. Go there to learn C++.

There however is no better reference to a language other than the creators of that language. To learn Java you should go directly to the creators by going to and learning on their highly comprehensive tutorial.
well thaks guy!!

my friend from japan told me to get this book for java learning....
Java 6 Platform Revealed
and use the
Java platform standard edition 6 for learning??
does it sound right??
U must must first start with Head First JAVA. Amazing book from Orielly. Believe me it will help u in the long run. see for more details. Also for OO programming read OOP Demisified (search at Amazon).
well i just found abook...
Beginning Java Programming for Dummies 2nd Edition
quite nice for a beginner..
hopefully this time i am right...
the book recommend using a freeware... Jcreator
to learn ,use and expolre the world of java...
avery simple guide book with "very dummies" way to help and guide to be a basic java learner
Try Bruce Eckel's Thinking in ... series - Thinking in Java, Thinking in C++. Simply amazing.

vashish87 wrote:
Try Bruce Eckel's Thinking in ... series - Thinking in Java, Thinking in C++. Simply amazing.


nice book....
but a bit hard to understand!1
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